Opposition Alliance warn PF

The Opposition Alliance has warned that the Patriotic Front (PF) should not be too comfortable in government as there is a possibility that Zambia could go for early general elections before 2016 because the ruling party has angered many Zambians to a point where citizens were anxious to quickly remove President Michael Sata from State House and save themselves from excruciating political, social and economic misery.

Opposition Alliance chairperson General Malimba Masheke said while political parties were elected into government and expected to serve for a five year term, it was not law that such a government would last for the five year period because there was a possibility that Parliament could dissolve itself before the expiry of the therm.

Gen Masheke said there was also a possibility that citizens would demand to recall a political party in government for failing to meet the expectations of the people as that would have rendered such a government illegitimate to continue governing.

He said Zambians were suffering because President Sata and the PF had arrogantly refused to honour any of their campaign promises but had resorted to harassment, intimidation, barbarism and hooliganism as means of governing the country.

Gen Masheke it was painful that President Sata and his government had thrown Zambians into the economic and political wilderness where citizens were experiencing the political bondage that anchored the one party dictatorship.

Gen Masheke stated that Zambians were going through a period of distress and torment and are desperately looking for hope which he said could only come through a united opposition Alliance.

He was speaking yesterday at the MMD secretariat when he welcomed a new political party, the All People’s Congress (APC) that joined the Opposition Alliance.

“Zambians are suffering because the PF has completely refused to honour any of the campaign promises it made. Our people have found themselves in a situation similar to the wilderness experience of the Hebrews when they left the house of bondage in Egypt as recorded in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Our people are going through a period of distress and torment and are desperately looking for hope. So the PF must not be too comfortable that they can be in power for five years because they have made many Zambians angry. There is a possibility of having general elections before 2016 either by Parliament dissolving itself or citizens deciding to recall a political for failing to honour its mandate,” Gen Masheke said.

And APC president Nason Musoni said the failed loop-sided PF government of President Sata had clearly excluded the major communities which had left many Zambians disillusioned, angry and disappointed.

Mr Msoni said his party had decided to join the Opposition Alliance to strengthen and unite the opposition so as redeem Zambians from the political bondage the PF had subjected citizens to.

Mr Msoni said the PF had lamentably failed to reflect the true national character of the country in terms of appointments and shared opportunities and that the ruling party had continued to operate in isolation.

“We believe the Opposition Alliance offers the best opportunity and gives a fresh breath of air and a good starting point to re-make the once vibrant society which has been carelessly and recklessly destroyed by poor leadership styles as exhibited by President Sata and his PF. There is no dispute that structural dynamics that have held our great country together and on whose peaceful co-existence the country hinges has been greatly strained,” Mr Msoni said.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said the Opposition Alliance had written to President Sata requesting for meeting to discuss an array of challenges but that State House had decided to ignore the letters and had not responded.Dr Mumba said the Opposition Alliance had taken a moral decision to ask President Sata for meeting to avoid mass demonstrations that are likely to take place across the country over the constitution making process.

Dr Mumba said Zambians understood their constitutional rights and obligations and that it would not be long before they take to the streets to press the PF to deliver the people driven and unadulterated constitution.

The MMD leader said the Opposition Alliance was aware that the PF had embarked on doctoring the draft constitution but that Zambians would never allow the supreme law of the land to be destroyed by the ruling party and its leadership  Alliance for a better Zambia (ABZ) leader Frank bwalya said President Sata’s ten commandments were not biblical as they included abusing the Public Order Act, quarrelling with traditional leaders, threatening the clergy and , brutality all unbiblical virtues.