Reinstate sacked senior ZAWA officials-Harrington

Tourism minister Jean Kapata should quickly facilitate the reinstatement of the contracts of the five senior management officials at ZAWA who were illegally removed from office  by her predecessor Sylvia Masebo , says former Transport minister William Harrington

Mr Harrington also said that in the same vein, Ms Kapata should restore the illegally cancelled successful bids for the hunting concessions

In a letter congratulating Ms Kapata, Mr Harrington said the tribunal found that former tourism minister had no power under the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Act to dismiss the officials as they were appointed by the board under a contract.

“In conveying this congratulatory message, I take the opportunity to plead that you facilitate the reinstatement of the contracts of the five senior management officials illegally removed from office as well as the illegally ‘cancelled’ successful bids for the hunting concessions consistent with the findings of the Roydah Kaoma-led Tribunal,” Mr Harrington stated.

He said the injustices occasioned to the committee, professional and long serving management officials, as well as the successful bidders who spent much time and huge sums of money preparing their bid documents must be reversed and corrected.

He stated that the tribunal also found that sacked Ms Masebo canceled the tender in breach of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) Act and Regulations.

He cautioned that the Ministry, being responsible for the hospitality industry and wildlife sector was a sensitive one and key to sustainable socio-economic development.

He said expeditious awarding of contracts to the successful bidders would go a long way in arresting rampant poaching taking place in Zambia.

“A major contributory factor to this sad state of affairs is the absence of safari operators in the affected hunting blocks and concession areas following the decision of your predecessor to order the cancellation of the list of successful bidders,” stated Mr Harrington.