State House funding MMD dessent

There is evidence that State House has been funding and fomenting the current confusion in the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) but the former ruling party is determined to come out of its current sponsored difficulties and break the myth and jinx that once a party loses power, it would never bounce back but get into extinction,

MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu said it was not unimaginable that State House and the ruling party had been interfering in the affairs of the MMD stating that the former ruling party would soon overcome its challenges by embarking on a serious crusade of rebranding

Mr Lungu said the ruling party in its future operations and communications would avoid externalizing its challenges because the enemies of the opposition party were relishing on the internal differences the party had been facing in the recent past.

Addressing the media yesterday, Mr Lungu said MMD president Nevers Mumba was a talented leader who if given the platform and space, would exponentially provide the best leadership Zambia was currently lacking under the PF administration.

Mr Lungu explained that while a number of the apparent misunderstandings in the party had been as a result of real differences, the nature and magnitude of the differences had deliberately been reoriented and amplified by a certain section of the media.

He stated that the leaders in the MMD and other opposition political parties had allowed themselves to be used by some media houses as pawns to promote other people’s agendas.

Mr Lungu said that while it was fashionable for the PF to believe that the former ruling party would be exterminated, it was utopia on the party of the ruling party to believe that the MMD would get into extinction.

Mr Lungu cited the rift between him and Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane in which the two have been seen attacking each other and denied reports attributed to him as having said that the former Finance Minister wanted to take over the MMD presidency.

He said the suggested speech and opinions by some media houses had frequently and successfully been used to create mistrust and divisions between the MMD and the UPND.“We as colleagues within the same political party as well as colleagues in the opposition have allowed this situation to continue unabated and have frequently fallen in the trap set by a cleverly put suggestion as to what a colleague may or may not have said. I have fallen victim to such cleverness in which I have unwittingly made a comment I should not have or should have carefully considered. To all those I have injured, I wish to unreservedly apologise and if this apology will be used to portray me as a liar or a con artist, a cheat and deceiver, then let it be so,” Mr Lungu said.And Mr Lungu has said that the two MMD vice-presidents, Dr Michael Kaingu and Dr Brian Chituwo along with former Dora Siliya, Lucky Mulusa and Tobias Kafumokache had not responded to the exculpatory letters.Mr Lungu said since the five national executive members had failed to exculpate themselves within the ten days ultimatum, he was going to write a report to NEC so that e meeting could be convened at which further consideration of the case would be made.Mr Lungu has also announced that party members would have to seek the authority of the party president and that of the national secretary and his deputy for media briefings to ensure greater coordination between senior office holders as well as avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the press.