Accept Sosala as Chitimukulu, says Opposition Alliance

The Opposition Alliance has charged that President Michael Sata has no powers to choose who should be a traditional leader in any chiefdom in the country and he must accept that Henry Kanyanta Sosala has been crowned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba, by his own people.

Opposition Alliance member Mike Mulongoti said President Sata should know that he had no constitutional powers to stop anyone from being elected chief in any chiefdom and that his continued interference in the succession process had angered the traditional leadership in the country.

Mr Mulongoti who is People’s Party (PP) president explained that traditional leadership was not the prerogative of the presidency and that Mr Sata should understand that traditional leadership was inherited and could not be dictated to by political leadership.

Mr Mulongoti said the continued wrangles between President Sata and the Bashilubemba over the installation of the newly crowned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu would be another election issue in 2016 because this was the first time that Zambians had seen a President directly and openly threatening traditional leaders.

He said no matter how much hatred President Sata haboured against Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, the Bemba speaking people had already made their decision to have Henry Kanyanta Sosala as their traditional leader and that the Head of State would be doing himself a favour to accept the reality of what he did not like.

Mr Mulongoti said President Sata should stop governing the country by decree and that the constitution should be respected because if such behavior is tolerated, Zambia could easily become ungovernable.

He said President Sata had adopted acrimony, antagonism and intimidation as the principles of how to govern the country but that Zambians were at the verge of reacting because they had been pushed to the limit by the levels of intolerance.

Mr Mulongoti said the personal differences President Sata had with a number of traditional leaders should not be allowed to affect the smooth governing of the chiefdoms and has appealed to the House of Chiefs to intervene.