East PF crumbles further

The PF in Eastern Province is in total disarray and two opposing factions have emerged and are fighting each other for legitimacy.

The crack in the ruling party has led to the formation of one camp which is in total support of secretary general Wynter Kabimba for dissolving the Lameck Mangani led executive, while the other one has chosen to completely ignore Mr Kabimba’s instructions and decided to go it alone.

Mr. Mangani was appointed by President Michael Sata last year to spearhead and mobilize the party in the region after sacking the then executive committee which is said to have reorganized itself to fight President Sata’s appointee.

On Sunday, Mr. Mangani held meetings in Petauke at which some district officials openly endorsed Mr. Kabimba’s decision saying that Mr. Mangani’s executive committee was an illegal entity.

“Mr Mangani has no authority to appoint an interim committee in a committee he is part of. It is illegal and Mr. Kabimba was right to disband the Lameck Mangani appointed committee.

“We have no problems with him because he was appointed by the President to organize the party but we are against the idea that he should also appoint his own people into the executive,” said Mabvuto Banda a party official in Petauke

Mr. Banda said that it was wrong for Mr. Mangani to constitute or appoint an interim committee without the authority of senior party officials.

“We are thankful to Mr. Kabimba for dissolving this illegal committee. Mr. Mangani did not follow procedure or party constitution. We know that he was duly appointed by His Excellence President Michael Sata but he was not supposed to appoint people he wanted to work with without authority from the leadership,” said Mr. Banda.

He said that confusion being experienced in the ruling party was as a result of doing things unilaterally, a move he said was a deadly cancer to effective performance of the party..

But another PF official Masuzyo Mwenda has said that Mr. Mangani’s action to appoint an interim committee was key to the survival of the party in the province because Mr. Mangani could not work alone.

“Mr. Mangani is key to the survival of the PF in Eastern Province and Mr Kabimba must not attempt to frustrate this region because of his hatred against Mr Mangani. Mr Mangani knows who is a true PF. It is like in Southern Province, Mr. Munkombwe is key in that region for the survival.