Stop poisonous fumes-Nawakwi

The government must act decisively to stop the emissions of noxious fumes poisoning the people by mines on the Copperbelt,  says FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

Ms Nawakwi said operations by some mining companies were next to genocide because they are producing harmful chemicals like sulphur dioxide which is killing people.

Ms Nawakwi accused the directors of the mines of deliberately killing people through sulphur dioxide discharge.

She claimed that the directors did not have any human feelings, but were only interested in making profits regardless of how harmful their operations were to the community.

The FDD president was speaking on Wednesday at Hindu Hall when she addressed district and constituency leaders before armed police pounced on her for holding a meeting without a police permit.

“Some operations of mining companies are next to genocide because they are producing chemicals like sulphur dioxide which is killing people. While Zambians are dying from poisonous emissions from the mines, the directors of the mines are enjoying their money.

Earlier police briefly detained and interrogated Ms Nawakwi at District Headquarters for holding a meeting at Hindu Hall without a police permit.

They locked up the Hall and attempted to teargas the FDD leader who was holding a party mobilization meeting in the premises..

More than 16 armed police officers stormed the premises and ordered that Ms Nawakwi follows them to the District Police Headquarters, which she did after addressing the FDD district leaders and members in the district.

But, during the interrogations, the police failed to produce a copy of the Public Order Act to show the FDD president where it says that a political party holding a meeting should get a permit from the police.

After being detained for more than an hour, Ms Nawakwi came out and told the press that she was very disappointed that police officers were ignorant about the Public Order Act and suggested that a seminar be organized to educate and sensitize State Police on Act.


Ms Nawakwi has since called on the government through the Home Affairs Ministry to educate the police officers on the implementation of the Public Order Act.

She explained that the Public Order Act was not about permission, but about the police being informed that there was a function, and the purpose of the Public Oder Act was simply meant to assist the police to manage the meetings.