Kabimba banned in Muchinga

Chief Chimbuka of Chinsali in Muchinga Province has with immediate effect banned Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from entering his area for allegedly bringing confusion in PF.

The chief has also threatened to resign from his crown if President Sata will continue allowing Mr Kabimba to dominate the party to a point of overshadowing the presidency.

“If Kabimba defies my ban the people of the province will be more than ready to invoke the politics of late Zambia’s legendary politician Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe,” said the chief

The traditional leader in an interview from Chinsali said if President wanted to kill PF he should anoint Mr Kabimba as his successor:”And I can tell you that I will resign as Chief Chimbuka so that I campaign against Mr Kabimba,

“I differed with former president Rupiah Banda and I resigned as chief and I campaigned until president Banda was defeated.  I will do the same unless President Sata acts appropriately and gets rid of Mr Kabimba because he has destroyed the party” said Chief Chimbuka. Efforts to get a comment from Kabimba failed and a text sent to him was unanswered.

The traditional leader also condemned  the slogan ‘Aleisa aleisa aleisa’ (he is coming, coming and coming) and party members were wondering who was being refered to in the jingle.

Chief Chimbuka claimed if Mr Kabimba was left alone it would be difficult for the party to remain united and reorganized for the 2016 general elections.

He said party members and the general citizenry were aware of the fact that there was a section of the media that was determined to rebrand Mr Kabimba for his political ambitions.

Chief Chimbuka said if the party could easily excommunicate Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for differing with President Sata, it was also possible for the Head of State to listen to the cries and appeals of party members over Mr Kabimba.

He explained that Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM had contributed enormously to the success of the PF yet Mr Kabimba who only joined the party when it had already become popular was being protected.

He said Mr Kabimba had never won any election in his life and that the positions he was currently enjoying were given to him by way of appointment adding that it was hard for the Justice Minister to attract any genuine voters in Zambia.

Chief Chimbuka is the first traditional leader to have openly discussed the politics in the PF.