Mulongoti demands forensic audit of KCM

Government must immediately begin a forensic audit into the Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) fraud for the nine years the Anil Agarwal mining company has been in the country, says  People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has charged.

Mr Mulongoti has also demanded that government should constitute an inquiry into the fraudulent activities of KCM and find means of how Zambia could recover the money it had lost in the last nine years KCM has been A copper in the country.

Mr Mulongoti has charged that it was shocking and insulting that KCM owner could brag about the more than supper profits he had made out of KCM when Zambians were subject to perpetual poverty because of the poor investment strategies.

He said in an interview that when the opposition political parties and the civil society orgainisations questioned the operations of KCM and other mining companies, the government through the Ministry of Finance strongly came to the defence of the mining company.

He said now that the invest, Anil Agarwal had publicly mocked Zambians about how easy it had been to make capital profits from Zambia, government should apologise to Zambians for having gone to sleep while the country was being looted of its natural resources.

Mr Mulongoti said he had been an ardent critic of the operations of the mines in Zambia adding that he was condemned when he questioned the profits the mining companies were externalizing.

“We must immediately have a forensic audit of KCM for the nine years it has been operating in Zambia. I am demanding that there must be an enquiry into the profits KCM has been making. We must ascertain the amount of money the country has lost since Mr Anil Agarwal acquired the mine and see hoe best we can recover all the money we have lost.

“If it means going to court, we must because it is immoral that an investor could come into the country and loot our resources with such kind of impunity,’ Mr Mulongoti said.

He said when there were demonstrations in London about the externalization of profits, the Zambian government said those who were demonstrating did not know what they were doing.

Mr Mulongoti has demanded that Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda should resign for having fraudulently facilitated the looting of the country’s resources through his now infamous Statutory Instrument (SI 55) which has since been revoked.

“The Finance Minister, Mr Alexander Chikwanda must resign with immediate effect if he has any morals. It was Mr Chikwanda who defended KCM to the extent of introducing the infamous SI 55 just to allow the mining company export copper concentrates. So how does Mr Chikwanda explain the current situation? We need an explanation from the Ministry of Finance because Zambians are now looking dim-witted purely because government did not want to listen to the warning from concerned citizens over the operations of the KCM. Mr Chikwanda strongly defended what was wrong and he is now quiet,” Mr Mulongoti said.