Senior Chief Puta chieftaincy challenged

Confusion has rocked Senior Chief Puta chieftaincy in Chiengi with a man calling himself Kapotwe claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne.

Speaking from Chiengi, special advisor to the chief, Headman Natende Walushiba confirmed the development and said even government was aware of Mr Kapotwe’s claims.

“There is a gentleman who calls himself Kapotwe but also goes around impersonating Senior Chief Puta. This gentleman is known by the government because he has even written letters and signing himself as Senior Chief Puta to the Ministry of Home Affairs which is responsible for enforcing the law,” Headman Walushiba said.

He said there was only one gazetted Senior Chief Puta who is Mr James Kasoma.

“Mr Kapotwe took  Mr Kasoma to court when he was installed and he lost the case in court. He has never been through any producers and does not have any right to claim the position of Senior Chief Puta,” Headman Walushiba said.

He said Mr Kapotwe was an imposter, impersonating a Senior Chief Puta.“He has been ingratiating with public officials with no consequences whatsoever. He came here on Friday and caused quite a bit of commotion, he was arrested by the local police and taken away to Nchelenge,“ But we  have learnt that he has been released on police bond and has come back and he is trying to cause a breach of peace again,” Headman Walushiba said.He wondered why Mr Kapotwe has been allowed to come back and cause confusion“We are wondering whether this is a political issue because as far as the law is concerned this man lost the case in court and he has never been considered  as a chief under the customary law,” said Headman Walushiba