Wusakile residents declare war

over the Black Mountain Private surveyors believed to have been hired by a Chinese national suspected to have bought the Black Mountain were on Saturday saved by State police from being lynched by angry Wusakile residents when they went to the slug dump to carry out some surveys and put up an electric fence.

The residents became angry when police officers guarding the Black Mountain informed them that the surveyors who had come from Chingola were hired by a Chinese national who had bought the black Mountain.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa said she was not aware about the incident, adding that of the police officers at the Black Mountain was to provide security.

The residents told the Daily Nation that the Black Mountain was their source of income and so they will not give it easily without a fight.

They said that  they were ready to fight fierce battles to get it back from the Chinese national who is alleged to have bought it.”Government told us to stop our mining activities so that it puts in place safety measures and other things, but we got a rude shock that today (Saturday), we were told that a Chinese national has bought the Black Mountain and has sent hired surveyors to do surveying and prepare to put up an electric fence at the site.”This is disappointing, but we can assure you, that this is the beginning of the fierce battle. Those surveyors will never come here. If it means fighting with the police, we will fight with the police to stop those surveyors.“ If they want they will shoot us, ” said George Bwalya, a resident of Wusakile who has been earning his living through illegal mining at the Black Mountain.