Copperbelt PF in wrangles

There is so much confusion in the Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt that if the elections were to be held today, the ruling party would miserably be defeated by the opposition political parties.

And now, Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Constituency chairman Joseph Mwelwa has warned that the ruling party was in danger of going into extinction should Copperbelt Minister Mwenye Musenge be allowed to remain in the region because he has caused deep divisions with his arrogance and intolerant attitude towards other party officials.

Mr Mwelwa has accused Mr Musenge of causing confusion in the ruling party for allegedly predicting that the party in government would miserably be defeated by the opposition if the elections were to be held today.

Mr Mwelwa has charged that the PF was deeply divided because of arrogance and selfishness being exhibited by Mr Mwenye who had lost respect for fellow party leaders on the Copperbelt.

Mr Mwelwa has accused the Chimwemwe PF Member of Parliament (MP) of having created a lot of enemies and divisions within the ruling party through his arrogance and sarcastic language against other party officials.

But, when contacted for a comment, Mr Musenge told the Daily Nation that he would not be speaking to the newspaper and should therefore be left alone.

Mr Mwelwa, with the support of some senior district officials said Mr Musenge, who is Copperbelt provincial minister, had created a lot of enemies within the ruling party and has appealed to President Michael Sata to immediately remove him because the party had lost its popularity.

Mr Mwelwa charged that the PF was fast losing its popularity because of the arrogance and antagonism Mr Mwenye had adopted and appealed to the Head of State to quickly consider removing the Copperbelt Minister if the ruling party had to salvage its lost image.

He said Mr Musenge’s behaviour during the party meeting at the Kitwe Civic Centre on last week where he verbally abused the Kitwe PF district executive was an indication that he had become bigger than the party because of his position as provincial minister.

During a meeting at the civic centre on May 12, 2014 and chaired by provincial chairman Sturdy Mwale, Mr Musenge is alleged to have told the Kitwe PF district executive committee that they were useless and that if party elections were to be held today, they could lose.

Mr Mwelwa said it was unfortunate that Mr Musenge, who was an MP and a minister could start to treat the party leadership in Kitwe like they were his children.

“I could not understand why Mr Musenge, who is Chimwemwe MP and Copperbelt minister can be insulting the district officials in the presence of provincial chairman and Chimwemwe constituency officials. Mr Musenge is just an MP and is answerable to the district and constituency leaderships.

“Just because he is minister, he has become so big headed and using bad language on party members and officials and in the process, he has created a lot of enemies within the party. We appeal to the President to take Musenge elsewhere because he is not wanted here in Chimwemwe and on the Copperbelt in general,” Mr Mwelwa said.

He said Musenge was a bully and this was why he was creating parallel structures in Chimwemwe constituency by bringing on board those who were not elected, but were always submissive to him.

“PF will be dead on the Copperbelt because of Musenge’s activities like creating parallel structures. He creates parallel structures because he wants people who are always saluting his wrong decisions and singing his praises. In Chimwemwe, he has brought on board those who lost the party elections.

“So we are appealing to President Sata to intervene and see to it that Musenge is taken elsewhere from the Copperbelt. If he continues to be the provincial minister, he will be bullying and bulldozing Sturdy Mwale to make wrong decisions, Decisions aimed at fixing those he does not like,” He said.

PF Copperbelt provincial chairman Sturdy Mwale confirmed that Mr Musenge told the PF Kitwe District Executive Commitee that they were useless and if party elections were to be held now, they could lose miserably.

Mr Mwale said it was important for party officials to reconcile and promote unity in the party and move forward, instead of party officials fighting within themselves.