Interim Govt- a question of trust

The interim Government being proposed by NAREP president Elias Chipimo is based on trust.

It is assumed that all political parties interested in   crafting a new constitution based on principles of  good governance, integrity, respect for human rights and a functioning impartial judiciary will come together for the purposes of a strong alliance that will contest the 2016 election.

It is intended to provide for this country an opportunity to create, once and for all, a level playing field that has eluded successive Governments which have succumbed to party political interests.

For one year the interim Government would abide by a clear and well articulated time line that would ensure the enactment of a people driven constitution, implementation of comprehensive judicial reforms to eliminate partisan interests and generally create a governance system responsive to the needs of the Zambian people. In essence therefore, there is no coup de tat being envisaged and should indeed never be embraced in a democratic country where cogent reasoning and argumentation should influence decision making.

The aim, as we understand it is, is to coalesce the opposition into a movement of good that will eschew, for a while  narrow political ambitions and interests  to create an interim Government, over which they will preside.

This proposal is coming from the very clear realization that the PF Government has no intentions of delivering a people driven constitution before the 2016 elections. This will create circumstances in which the campaign will be characterized by even more rapine abuse of the Public order act and other pieces of oppressive legislation to disadvantage the opposition.

With political will and trust the people of Zambia can create an environment in which political violence, political shenanigans , outright abuse of power and other vices that undermine democracy will be eliminated by a caretaker Government that will ensure that  subsequent elections in which the Patriotic Front would be free to participate like any other party.

KCM debacle

The first step in resolving the KCM controversy is to obtain the relevant agreements to which the Government and Vedanta covenanted to sell and purchase the mine respectively.

It is pointless, as Vice President Dr. Guy Scott has stated, to continue the debate without the relevant information which we hope the special value chain committee appointed by the Minister of Mines must have compiled.

It is in the detail of the original agreement that the devil will emerge. If indeed as Sardanis reveals, Vedanta were allowed  US$2.5billion tax free holiday, then the failure of value collection is not only understandable but a matter that should be full dealt with by the authorities. First things first. Let the Government lay on the table the governing agreements against which the performance of KCM and indeed other mines are operating.