ACC shielding plunderers

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is shielding and protecting well known corrupt elements who have been working with individuals at the Bank of Zambia in looting and depleting Tedworth properties, Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala has charged.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Changala said that it was shocking that ACC had allowed the corruption and abuse of office by some agents from the late president Levy Mwanawasa disbanded Task Force on Corruption to go unnoticed.

Mr. Changala further said that it was shocking that ACC had failed to state or find out who was managing the account in which UNHCR was depositing rentals in New York.

“ACC is shielding criminals at BOZ and known agents who have for over so many years been looting Tedworth properties rentals and have knowingly gone further to vandalize Access Financial Service. When these companies were seized by ACC were not insolvent but now they are depleted to the bones,” said Mr. Changala.

He said that it was shocking that people who had destroyed and depleted the wealth at both companies were officers from the defunct Task Force on corruption which was constituted by the late president Mwanawasa.

“And the people who have destroyed these companies are officers from the Levy Mwanawasa constituted task force on corruption working in tandem with BOZ officials. And ACC has taken a backseat knowing very well who the culprits are in the plunder of the Tedworth properties,” said Mr. Changala.

He said ACC should name and prosecute the people at Bank of Zambia and their agents who have plundered proceeds from the looted Tedworth properties. Mr. Changala said the ACC should be proactive in the manner it was handling matters involving the looted Tedworth properties.

He said that it was shocking that despite the judgment by the Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda ordering the Bank of Zambia to surrender the properties back to ACC, nothing much has been done to audit the properties.

Mr. Changala said that it was therefore prudent that ACC started to speak about the properties with a strong voice by instituting investigations to establish who looted the properties.

“There is a judgment by Supreme Court Judge Phillip Musonda ordering Bank of Zambia to surrender the properties because according to the regulations BOZ did not deal with repossession of properties or asserts.

“BoZ has obliged with that order and according to our friends the properties are back at ACC and these properties must be accounted for in terms of the rentals,” said Mr. Changala.

Mr. Changala argued that the assets were occupied and therefore, someone should be responsible for the rentals, adding that Zambians were waiting to know how much money was raised all these years and where that money was.

“It’s a known fact that those assets were occupied and proceeds have been plundered. We believe that the proceeds from Tedworth properties have been looted by workers at the Bank of Zambia and its agents. So it is only proper for ACC to investigate this matter. People involved are the same people who worked under the Mwanawasa constituted task force on corruption,” said Mr. Changala.

He said that it was only fair that ACC took an upper hand and reconciled the records on the proceeds received on the behalf of Tedworth properties.

“We believe that these properties have been looted. We also believe that these properties have been stolen by Bank of Zambia employees and its agents. I have also to remind ACC that at no single time did investigations commence in the Tedworth properties or any case pending against these properties,” said Mr. Changala.

Mr. Changala said that the properties were seized because they were managed by the defunct Access Financial Services.

He said that ACC had a duty to explain to the people of Zambia what they found or what was surrendered to them rather than keeping the matter as a State secret when not.

“ACC must come out in the open and clean on this matter and take an audit of the properties and its revenue which we believe it has been looted.  ACC should put to task whoever was involved in the looting of the Tedworth properties, that is Zambian money and property,” said Mr. Changala. Mr. Changala, who has been critical over the operations at ACC, warned that the security wing should not think that the matter would be shelved.

“ACC must be warned that these matters will not just fade or vanish in thin air just like that, Zambians are following these events and it is a matter of time and even the people ACC was shielding will not help them at all. ACC should know that its actions of shielding well known criminals involved in this matter will soon be exposed. This is a scheme to steal more from Zambians,” said Mr. Changala.