Mobi TV fails to appear in court over royalties payments

Mobi Television International yesterday failed to appear before High Court Judge, M.Banda-Bobo for a case in which they are sued by the Zambia Music Copyright protection Society for failing to pay K 31 million copyright royalties for the music and musical contents it has been providing to the general public.

Facts before court are from January  2007 to January 2012 the  Defendants (Mobi TV) have not been paying copyright royalties for the music and musical contents it has been providing to  its general public.

And in August 2012, the plaintiff engaged their advocates Chongo Manda and Associates to collect K 31 million on their behalf but to no avail.

And the Plaintiff claimed an order of K 31 million being the payment for the copy right royalties due for the period between 2007 to 2012, other relief the Court may think fit, interest on the amount found to be due at the current Bank of Zambia rate including all costs and damages.

But when the matter came up for plea on August 22, 2014 the Defendants Lawyers Messrs Sinkamba Legal Practioners said the claim is in the peculiar knowledge and admitted the charge.

Despite admitting to the charges, the Defendants have denied each and every claim claimed by the Plaintiff.

When the matter came up yesterday for cross examination, the Defendants Lawyers and their client did not appear before court.

This annoyed the Plaintiff’s lawyer who asked court to have the case closed and asked court for its Jurisdiction.

Judge Banda also expressed displeasure on the Defendants Lawyers and clients absconding from court Proceedings with no efforts of communication, therefore she has asked the Plaintiff’s Lawyer to submit their submissions and set 28 August for Judgement.