I am not a criminal-GBM

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he is not a criminal for armed police to search for him in the manner they are doing .

Mr Mwamba said  that he was  not a danger to society and had communicated to his lawyers about re-scheduling a meeting with police over the alleged assault case to Tuesday (today) because he was attending to other pressing issues.

He said that it was unfortunate that police wanted to create an impression that he was a criminal who had gone into hiding when they were aware of the communication.

Mr. Mwamba said that he would today make himself available as per communication in order to answer all allegations.

“I am not hiding, I am very much around. This whole thing is drama, we communicated to the police through our lawyers and it is shameful that they want to embarrass me by creating an environment suggesting that I hid when I was very much available,” said Mr. Mwamba.

However, police sources have indicated that the former Defence Minister faces arrest today by Matero Police on allegation of assaulting Collins Mudai one of his managers after he (Mudai) allegedly forged the signature of the PF Kasama Central Parliamentarian to procure fuel in unexplained circumstances.

According to police Mr. Mwamba slapped and punched Mr Mudai when fuel costing over K920 disappeared in unexplained circumstances.

But in what seems to be a scandal for police, is failure to arrest Mr Mudai after Arizona Marketing and Distribution Company reported him for forgery at Zone 9 police post days before he (Mudai) was fired.

According to officers close to the investigations, police have been under political pressure from leaders in the PF to arrest GBM using the excuse of assaulting his former employee who until recently worked as Logistics Officer at Arizona.

Police officers said that the search for the former defence minister may today come to an end as his lawyers Makebi Zulu and Associate and Central chambers would avail him at Matero Police for questioning.

Police officers revealed that the scheme to have the PF Kasama Parliamentarian arrested was hatched by a few individuals who felt that it was time to get him (GBM) after many attempts to arrest him drew a blank like  in a canceled Zesco tender for the supply of poles.

The officers said that they were shocked that the alleged assault offence against Mr. Mwamba on his manager had attracted political powers from  those who to see GBM  go down.

“We were just ordered to search for him on Saturday, actually we were directed that we should arrest him on Friday so that he spends the whole long weekend in detention but that failed because some people informed him and that is how we re-directed our plan to have him picked up in the morning of Saturday,” said the officers.

The police officers also refused to discuss the alleged forgery matter against Mudai which was reported at Zone 9 police post.

“You see we cannot discuss that matter now because what was reported here at Matero is assault against Mr. Mwamba and we have not yet seen the complaint of forgery against Mudai who is the complaint in this matter,” said one of the officers.

On Saturday, a platoon of 11 armed police officers raided Mr. Mwamba’s house in Kabulongoa residential area in unclear circumstances in an alleged assault case.

The move by police officers who were working under strict instructions shocked lawyers representing Mr. Mwamba.

According to one of the lawyers Makebi Zulu and Associate, they wrote to police informing them that his client would make  himself available on Tuesday.

“They sent a call out to our client and on Wednesday we wrote to them informing them that Mr. Mwamba would only be free on Tuesday. It is shocking that they decided to ignore our formal communication which they acknowledged and ambushed our client with a raid at his residence.

“We do not know why they decided to do that but they have however agreed to stick to our original plan,” said Mr. Zulu.

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  1. Say he was not hiding but was avaliable.
    If he was available why not show up for 4 days?

    Anybody lower in class would be locked up on friday no matter where in the country they were.

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