K500 000 MPs gratuity immoral-FDD

The K500, 000 midterm gratuity for Members of Parliament is outrageous and unjustifiable, the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has said

And the opposition party has called for an independent salaries commission to review the salaries for MPs.

FDD provincial mobilisation chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo said it was unfair to the suffering Zambians that apart from salaries and gratuity, the MPs could get such an astronomical amount of money.

Mr Mtayachalo said most MPs that were getting the midterm gratuity did not deserve it as they had neglected their constituencies and the people that ushered them in office.

He said this was unjustifiable as most people in Zambia were living on less than one dollar a day as it was evident that their MPs were not interested to improve their well being.

“It is immoral and selfishness of the worst kind for these MPs to get such hefty amounts of money and the ruling Patriotic Front must stop claiming that it was a pro-poor government when it was stealing from the people in broad day light. We call for an independent salaries commission that will review the salaries and conditions of service for all parliamentarians.

This  will force the MPs to work hard as their gratuity will be determined by their performance in their constituencies. President Michael Sata has been unfair to the people of Zambia by first increasing his salary twice whilst deceiving people that his government was pro-poor.

Now allowing these huge amounts to go into the pockets of people who are supposed to be servants is immoral,” Mtayachalo said.

He said the PF government had deceived people that it was a pro-poor government but it was not true and has since urged Zambians to rise and ensure that the leaders they entrust with these offices should be made accountable.

Mr Mtayachalo said Zambians should not accept such selfishness by the leaders when they lived for less than a dollar a day by challenging things like those.

He said the FDD would not take lightly issues lightly because it amounted to looting of the country’s purse when less than half of MPs could be said to be deserving such hefty gratuity for doing their homework.

Mr Mutayachalo said his party under the leadership of president Edith Nawakwi would sweep clean all the offices with loose ends and make sure that only people that deserved to be paid such monies got it.