National strategy

  There is really no crisis.

 We simply have a public manifestation of what has been whispered secretively, but which some selfish people have known and taken advantage of. In fact it confirms widely held fears that all was not well.

As we have said before, it is not President Sata that Zambians should be scared of, but those that surround him who have been abusing their proximity for their personal and sectional benefit.

If anything our current situation wrought with uncertainty and obvious anxieties reinforces the urgency and need of a constitution that will respond meaningfully to all circumstances.

The absence of a constitutional framework that is responsive to exigencies is a national weakness that must be cured very urgently. We do not have the luxury of entertaining uncertainty and lack of predictability. Our governance systems must always be sound, responsive and at all times relevant.

That is why we should have a new constitution that removes personal idiosyncrasies in matters of governance. The constitution must prescribe for as many critical circumstances as possible, so that the country is not left in any doubt.

Our current situation calls for all well meaning Zambians to exercise a collective will towards crafting a constitution that will not allow a repeat of uncertainty.

That is why NAREP President Elias Chipimo’s suggestion for an interim Government makes sense.

Rushing into elections without creating a level playing ground will be a recipe for strife and anarchy. There is no telling for example what the outcome of patently political cases doing the rounds in our courts of law will be and yet the outcome will have tremendous impact.

  The current situation reinforces the need for a constitution that will give confidence, predictability and legal affirmation to the various constitutional offices and functions.

That is why we believe the church, grand coalition, opposition parties and the oasis forum must now move in tandem to assert and realize the long cherished desire for a constitution. This will be in national interest. It is no longer a matter of political party interest.

We expect the church, in particular to play a critical role in ensuring that politicians are kept on a very short leash so that partisan interests are not manifested in the process. This is the role the church played in 1991 in the run up to the introduction of multiparty democracy in Zambia.

This time round the church, oasis forum and indeed the grand coalition in general must help in giving birth to a document that will bring the second liberation to Zambia.

We also hope that other political activists will find it within themselves to lobby with all institutions and individuals of influence to give the idea life and impetus, because the country must think out of the box and disregard the skeptics and  prophets of doom who have no faith in the human spirit.