No political activities without PF clearance says Mwale

Copperbelt Patriotic Front (PF) chairman Sturdy Mwale has decreed that the Zambia Police would have to inform his leadership about any political activity by opposition political parties scheduled for the region to avoid what he termed as ‘‘causing confusion.’’

Mr. Mwale said that he was the head of the Copperbelt Province and it was therefore important for the police and any other government department to make him aware about any activity taking place in the province because the region was his village.

He said that it was his duty as provincial chairperson of a ruling party to ensure that all government programmes were in line with the PF manifesto because the party programme was a guide to the departmental agenda for the country.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Mwale said that it was logical for police to inform him and his office about any political activity taking place for the sake of peace and unity in the region.

He explained that people misunderstood him when he said that opposition political party leaders should seek permission from his office before holding any political meeting or visiting the region.

“To avoid confusion, police should inform us about these activities. Police must make us aware about all activities taking place in the province. I am a provincial chairman of a ruling party and I just have to know all political activities. Just imagine opposition political leaders visit Copperbelt at a time when the President is in the province, what do you expect? Chaos,” said Mr. Mwale.

Mr. Mwale said that there was need for all stakeholders to work together in order to maintain peace and unity for the benefit of all.

He said that the PF was a party in power hence all programmes either by the opposition, non governmental organization, police, the church and other should be made aware before allowing them to conduct any programmes to avoid confusion.

“Even all government departments should inform me about their activities,” said Mr. Mwale.

And Mr. Mwale revealed that party secretary general Wynter Kabimba would this week visit Copperbelt for mobilization and monitoring party programmes.

He said that the province was blessed to host Mr. Kabimba who was also Justice Minister.

“I want to take this opportunity once again to inform the province that our party secretary general will be visiting on the 29th May, 2014. He will be meeting party officials to see how the party is growing. He will be addressing us on many issues,” Mr Mwale said.