PF Sturdy Mwale told off

It is nonsense for the ruling PF leadership on the Copperbelt to ask other stakeholders to get permission from them when conducting their political campaigns, a political activist Dante Saunders has charged.

Mr Saunders said Zambians should not allow themselves to be reduced to that level and allow political party cadres become tin pot dictators.

He said as far as he was concerned if the people on the Copperbelt ever wanted him to address them on a number of issues he would do so without any approval from the PF or Sturdy Mwale.

Mr Saunders said Zambia had never belonged to Dr Kenneth Kaunda or UNIP, the MMD and not the PF but that it belonged to Zambians.

He said there was no one with the power to stop the freedom of movement and freedom of expression and that as political activist he would continue to exercise his right.

“It is ridiculous for Mwale to sink so low that we should be asking party cadres for permission to conduct our meetings. With or without police permit we shall be meeting and the PF cadres should live with this as we shall never succumb to their demands,.

“This Zambia is not for PF, Zambians have been there long before PF was formed and why should anyone become so mighty that they should even think of tampering with people’s movement,” he said.

Mr Saunders was reacting to a decree by Mwale that police should inform PF on the meetings of any planned events by opposition political parties.

Mr Mwale decreed at the weekend that Zambia police would have to inform his leadership about any political activities by opposition political parties in the region.

The political activist said Zambia was for all Zambians and that it was their constitution right to meet and there was no where in the republican constitution where it says that people should get permission from the party in power to hold meetings.

Mr Saunders wondered why Mwale should claim that he was doing so to avoid confusion when before the PF came into power people and political parties were meeting freely without any confusion.

He said it was unfair for the PF to be putting police in an awkward position by wanting them to be reporting to them other than doing what was right for them.