Police raid GBM’s house

A platoon of 11 armed police officers yesterday raided former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s residence in Kabulonga in unclear circumstance, looking for the Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central Parliamentarian in an alleged assault case involving one of his former employees.

The officers surrounded Mr Mwamba’s house along Roan Road at about 04:30 hours with the intention of arresting the former Defence Minister for allegedly assaulting Collins Mudai, a former employee at his milling company.

Mr Mwamba who is supposed to report himself at Matero Police on Tuesday was instead ambushed with a search warrant which could have effectively resulted in his arrest had he been home at the time of the raid as the police said they were under strict instructions from high authorities.

Mr Mwamba believes that government is using Mudai to get at him, a scheme he said was not bothering him because he was above vengeance and retribution.

But Mr Mwamba’s wife Chama who was at home when the police arrived could not allow them to enter the house and demanded the presence of the lawyers for the Kasama Central Member of Parliament.

The legion of the Matero police commandeered by its principal criminal investigations officer Frywell Mbale said they had been directed to hunt for Mr Mwamba despite having been informed in writing that the former Defence Minister would only be available on Tuesday next week by Makebi Zulu, one of the lawyers representing him.

Some of the police officers were heard saying they did not know why the State was harassing Mr Mwamba adding that it was likely that the commands were coming from a group of unelected people who have been misguiding the Head of State.

According to the search warrant, the police were to look for Mr Mwamba from his residence in connection with the assault case and police sources said the Kasama law maker should have been arrested on Friday so that he could spend the long week-end in police cells.

After a search by inspector Mbale and sergeant Kalunga that only lasted about half an hour, GBM’s lawyer Sakwiba Sikota told journalists that police had not found what they were looking for and had agreed that they stick to the date that had earlier been agreed upon.

And Makebi Zulu, another of GBM’s lawyer said it was surprising that the police could decide to ambush Mr Mwamba with a search warrant when there had been former communication that the former Defence Minister would only be available on Tuesday next week because of his pre-set commitments.

Mr Zulu said police had sent a call out requesting Mr Mwamba to report to Matero police on Friday but that he (Makebi) had written to the police informing them that the matter be rescheduled to Tuesday next week.

“They sent a call out to our client and on Wednesday we wrote to them informing them that Mr Mwamba would only be free on Tuesday. It is shocking that they decided to ignore our formal communication which they acknowledged and ambushed our client with a raid at his residence. We do not know why they decided do to this but they have however agreed to stick to our original plan,” Mr Zulu said.

And According to a letter addressed to detective inspector Siyomunji at Matero Police station, Mr Zulu demanded for the details of the complainant and the alleged incident of assault so that he could obtain proper instructions to enable him adequately represent Mr Mwamba.

“In the meantime, we wish to advise that, due to our tight court schedule and our client’s pre-set commitments, we are unable to attend before you at the time suggested. However, the earliest convenient day and time for our attendance would be Tuesday, 27th May 2014. Kindly confirm is the same is convenient.Collins Mudai, the complainant in the assault case is a Matero constituency losing parliamentary   independent candidate in the 2011 general elections.   Some PF cadres also went to Mr Mwamba’s resident in a show of solidarity for the man they believe had contributed immensely to its victory.