Potent idea

There is nothing more potent than an idea whose time has come.

 “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”  Victor Hugo once said.

The idea for an interim leadership after the 2016 elections is brilliant. It is a challenge to our collective will and ability to rally together when circumstances demand.

A number of political parties have already formed an alliance which has elected General Malimba Masheke as chairman. This template should be extended to a national effort that will create an interim leadership to provide an opportunity for the enactment of a people driven constitution.

It is important that all the stakeholders come together for this singular, onerous and historically important purpose of creating a constitution and governance system through a mechanism that is neutral and objective.

Our political leadership must put the interest of the people first by taking this opportunity to create for ourselves a constitution and governance system that will eschew narrow political interests that have characterized previous constitution making attempts.

The country has witnessed several failed attempts at creating a constitution that meets the needs and aspirations of the Zambian people. The most recent being the PF led attempt which has floundered on account of the 50+1 and running mate clauses.

This is the right opportunity for the various interest groups led by the global coalition to deliberate and arrive at what must constitute the ideal constitution which must be enacted after the 2016 elections.

An appeal to reason and logic makes this idea practical, technically feasible and above all opportune because of the nature of the challenge that is confronting the country. The deterioration in our governance system, rise in underserved appointments, political violence, and inertia in judicial reforms, unbridled external borrowing and general malaise in national development make it imperative that the clock is stopped to create structures of governance that are more responsive to the demands and dictates of a modern liberal democracy.

In terms of the constitution, the interim Government will be well within the law as it will come from an election and not from an extra-legal activity.

It is incredible that those opposed to the idea have never been able to advance any alternative proposal that will enable the country achieve a second liberation that will witness the creation of robust governance systems and structures.

The review of our structures should include a review of our election system, to eliminate by elections and perhaps ensure some form of proportional representation.