RB advises Joyce Banda to accept defeat

It is important to concede defeat and respect the will of the people in any election, says former republican president Rupiah Banda.

Commenting on the recent happenings in Malawi where that country’s sitting President Joyce Banda has accused the opposition of rigging, and proceeded to nullify the elections general elections, Mr Banda said it was important for leaders to accept defeat.

But Malawi’s High Court has since tossed out the nullification move by Ms Banda.

Mr Banda said it was important especially for those in government to accept when they lost.

He said it is easy for him to move on after he lost the 2011 elections because he had respected the will of Zambians.

“If you have an election and you have lost, especially if you were in government learn to concede and proceed as we have done in our country.

We go to the elections to win or lose,” he said.

He said it was important for leaders to respect the people’s voice at all cost.

“I said it in Mandevu before the 2011 elections “we have all campaigned, for next 48 hours we should not campaign and now the people will speak their opinion on who they want,” Mr Banda said.

And on Africa Freedom Day, Mr Banda urged all Africans to cherish freedom.

Meanwhile,People’s Party leader, Mike Mulongoti has observed that economic independence can only come if Africans worked hard.

“We have got challenges still around with us. But what is important is that we got our political independence.

The issue of economic independence can only come through ourselves by working hard.

We must all be committed to make sure that we help our economy to grow.

He urged African politicians to put the interest of the people first.