Sata needs rest – APC

Cabinet and the PF leadership should avoid stressing President Michael Sata because it has become clear that the Head of State is fatigued and needs time to rest, a psychologist Douglas Syakalima has advised.

Mr Syakalima said cabinet and the PF leadership should stop exposing President Sata to ridicule and humiliation by forcing him to perform state functions when the Head of State was tired and stressed with the many challenges the country was facing.

And All Peoples Congress (APC) president Nason Musoni has advised that President Sata should seriously consider stepping down because the Head of State was struggling to perform his presidential functions.

Syakalima who is a psychologist said that it was shameful for cabinet and the PF leadership to continue stressing President Sata who was now totally fatigued to perform his presidential functions.

“What I saw yesterday (Sunday) during the commemorations of African Freedom Day calls for serious conscience examination among our leaders especially those in the PF who keep on stressing President Sata. His health is important and they should know that President Sata has a family too,” said Mr. Syakalima.

He said that PF ministers and party leaders were being unfair to President Sata adding that Zambians should learn from what happened to late President Levy Mwanawasa who was also stressed because of the office he occupied.

Mr. Syakalima explained that the office of the President was stressful and it was only fair that they excused the President from doing stressful works.

“He needs to rest. The office of the President is stressful and my advice is that let President Sata rest if you people in the PF love him. He needs empathy now. If anyone of the ministers is pushing the Head of State to undertake certain strenuous functions when they know that he is tired and needs to rest, they should desist from doing that.”

“Yesterday he had to cut short the Africa Freedom Day commemoration because he is tired. He did not say anything and these people in the PF should exercise high levels of conscience and empathy for him,” said Mr. Syakalima.

And Mr Msoni said it was not helpful for Mr Sata to keep struggling to perform his Presidential functions when it  has become abundantly clear that he was fatigued.

Mr Msoni observed that there was no doubt that things were not moving in  the manner  they should as the Head of State merely showed up at state functions but failed to deliver Presidential speeches.

He cited the Labour Day and the African Freedom Day episodes as incidents that had shown that the Head of State was unable to stand the pressure that came with the presidential challenges.

“We think true patriots recognize that the needs of the country are by-far larger and superior to personal and individual ambitions. It is therefore prudent for people close to the President to use their influence and persuasion to encourage him to consider relinquishing the Presidency rather than urging him to continue given the sad circumstances the country finds itself-in,” he said.Mr Msoni noted that it would be unfortunate for anyone to ignore genuine calls of sympathy from people who deeply felt sorry for the President.

Mr Msoni said the APC fervently believed that as Head of State, Mr Sata was charged with the extra heavy burden and responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its people and that he should at all times continue to demonstrate sound and predictable judgment.

The opposition leader said these times did not call for a partisan political outlook and approach to the resolution of the national question of the Head of State from performing his state functions as President.