…as his supporters are hacked, stoned

Patriotic Front (PF) cadres yesterday attacked supporters of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and hacked them ahead of the Kasama parliamentarian appeared at Matero police station on allegations of assault.

The injured were later rushed to Matero Clinic in a private ambulance which was brought in by the police.

Earlier the cadres tried to block Mr Mwamba’s supporters from reaching the police station where the Kasama PF MP was scheduled to report to answer assault allegations leveled against him by his former manager Collins Mudai.

Mr Mwamba’s supporters were over powered and were savagely hacked while police officers watched helplessly.

Some buses carrying Mr Mwamba’s supporters had their windows smashed while others were almost set ablaze by the PF cadres against the Kasama Central MP

The anti-Mwamba group assembled at the entrance of the Matero Police Station armed with stones and machetes ready to fight those who supported the former defence minister in full view of the police who were in riot gear.

The Mwamba group followed the other camp gathered at a nearby filling station while others blocked the road joining Lumumba and Salima roads opposite Bread of Life Church and blocked traffic from town and Matero Township.

The anti Mwamba cadres  then turned  their heat against police and threatened to stone them if they allowed Mr Sampas’s supporters to cross the junction of Salima-Lumumba road going towards Matero Police as it was declared a no go area for the former Defence Minister and his supporters. The cadres were heard shouting and singing songs in support of Miles Sampa who is the area Member of Parliament, “Awina awina Sampa (Miles), kawawawa kawawawa, twalaponona.”

Attempts by photo journalists from various media houses to take pictures of the event received threats from the cadres.

“Takuli ukukopa ifwe pano pantu twalatoba motoka iyoyine. We don’t want anyone to take pictures, this is a family matter,” the cadres shouted at the journalists.

Earlier police officers in plain clothes and others  in uniformed were seen negotiating with anti-GBM cadres to stop beating people, a move which shocked members of the public who had gone to police for other businesses.

“Chakupapusha sana ukumona bakapokola balecita negotiate with criminals. You cannot work like that. Instead of arresting these cadres you go to negotiate, why are these cadres more powerful today than the police?” wondered one of the people at the police.

And police were forced to change the venue and Mr Mwamba was moved from Matero Police Station to Lusaka Central Police because of fears that his life was in danger as the security at Matero police was allegedly said to have been compromised.

This was after his lawyers Makebi Zulu and Associate, Central Chambers, Martha Mushipe and Associate and Mukela Lisimba drove past the police enroute to Matero.

Mr Mwamba arrived at the Lusaka Central Police slightly after 10:30 and was escorted to the DCIO’s office for a meeting before he was ushered into a conference room where all the formalities where done.

Mr Mwamba’s appears in court today.