GBM protests arrest

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has warned police officers not to be used by individuals who want to settle political scores against him.

Mr. Mwamba said that his arrest was purely political and police officers should learn act professionally rather than being used for personal purposes by his enemies.

Addressing police officers when he appeared at Lusaka Central Police where he was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting his former manager Collins Mudai, Mr. Mwamba said that it was unfortunate that police were being abused by politicians to fight personal battles.

This was after Lusaka District Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) a Mr. Mumbuna explained to Mr. Mwamba that the police would handle the assault allegations case just like any other similar case.

Mr. Mwamba said that it was shocking that the police had created an impression that he had run away and went into hiding at the weekend when police officers raided his home.

“Let me tell you this, I know all these schemes because I worked with Mr. Sata and I know that you are working under strenuous and the most difficult conditions. You are just doing your job. But creating an impression that I went into hiding was not correct.  Actually if you had called me to inform me that you wanted to arrest me,  you would have found me at home. An arrest for me is nothing. These prisons and cells are created for human beings, I am not happy that you created an impression that I had run away. However I want to thank you for acting professionally today by not behaving in an overzealous manner,” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr. Mwamba also asked police why they have not arrested Mr  Mudai, his former employee for forgery.

He said that it was unfortunate that despite him reporting a case of forgery first, the police had prioritized assault allegations which emanated after he fired him (Mudai).

“You are saying that you will be fair in handling this political matter, why have you not arrested this man for forgery.  Mind you, I reported the matter first and when we followed it up, we were told that the matter is being handled Central Police,” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr. Mwamba told police officers that he would not break or bow down to his political opponents who wanted to see him collapse cautioning that the same police would be used to victimize those who were victimizing him.

“I understand the pressure you are going through and the way you are being used. These are schemes I am aware of and we shall use you some day just like they are using you now,” he said

Earlier, Police officially arrested the PF Kasama Central Parliamentarian on allegations of assault.

“I thank you for coming Hon. Mwamba; you are here on allegations of assault. It is alleged that on the May 14 you assaulted Collins Mudai one of your workers. Have you understood the charge?” Mr. Mbale said.

He proceeded to officially arrest Mr Mwamba and released  him on bond.

Outside the police Mr Mwamba told journalist that his time would soon come for him to speak out, adding that it was unfortunate that the party he had helped so much to build had turned against him.

“I will be able to speak soon, my time is coming. I will be able to inform the nation on the course of action to take very soon,” said Mr. Mwamba before he was whisked away in a white tint Toyota Collora.

Mr. Mwamba will this morning appear at the magistrate court for assault.