PF ungrateful party – GBM

The Patriotic Front (PF) has abandoned its original loyal members and has embarked on a crusade to persecute them despite the sacrifice they made for the ruling party to emerge victorious in the 2011 general elections.

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that it was regrettable that President Michael Sata had decided start persecuting people that had dedicated their lives and resources to the party when it was in the opposition.

Addressing a combined crowd of PF and UPND sympathizers at the former PF headquarters along Luanshya Road soon after leaving the Magistrate Court yesterday, Mr Mwamba recalled that when President Sata was accused of laundering US$100 000, he (Mwamba) came to the protection of the Head of State to save him from going to prison.

Mr Mwamba said the PF had not only been persecuting perceived political enemies but had extended its hatred to traditional leaders and was harassing Henry Kanyanta Sosala, the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, the Litunga of Western of Province and some other chiefs in the Eastern Province.

He explained that many Zambians were suffering from injustices at the hands of the PF government and that he was ready to continue denouncing evils that were being perpetrated because he believed in virtues of fairness, justice and honesty.

He said it was unfortunate that PF had quickly forgotten the people who helped it to form government, stating that time would soon come when God would pull the rug from under their feet and expose them for who they have been to Zambians.

Mr Mwamba said when President Sata was being persecuted by the MMD; the Kasama Central MP strongly supported the Head of State to a point of making personal sacrifices because of the love of the PF and the people of Zambia in general.

“When Mr Sata was being persecuted by the MMD, I stood by him when most people were avoiding him. Mr Sata was accused of laundering US$100 000 and I risked my integrity and my business and defended him. Even this building which the PF used as form government, they wanted to repossess it and I had to fork out my own money about K2.5 billion then. Why should we allow individuals to start persecuting chiefs? It is not only in Northern Province but in Eastern and Western Provinces,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba paid tribute to opposition political party leaders for their support since the PF regime turned against him soon after he resigned from his cabinet position as Defence Minister.

The former defence minister accused the PF government of perpetrating vengeance and retribution against its own citizens to please the inflated political ego of a selected and non-elected group of known individuals.

Mr. Mwamba revealed that the PF regime had hatched a scheme in which they were fishing for reasons to send him (Mwamba) to prison on some trumped up charges so as to eliminate him from the political arena.

Mr Mwamba said that he was aware that the state had infiltrated his companies and employees so that they could find reasons to persecute him before sending him to jail.

He stated he had never been a coward and vowed that he was ready to face jail for standing against what he called the evil cartel in the PF government.

Mr Mwamba has advised President Sata and the PF regime to stop being vengeful and intolerant because Zambians voted for the PF for justice, love, reconciliation and not vengeance, retribution and victimization.

He said President Sata and the PF government should instead expend their energy on reducing the prices of mealie meal fuel and other basic needs because life had become virtually unbearable under the current leadership.

“I sincerely thank you for your support and this support has not started today. It started a long time ago when you saw that the PF government had started persecuting me. I want to let you know that so many people in this country are suffering from injustices being perpetrated by the PF government. Where we are today, that is where the PF government was formed and this is my building. Today I have become a pariah in a party I fought so hard to help form government. They (PF) are full of vengeance and retribution but I have never been a coward and I am ready to face prison for the sake of Zambians,” Mr Mwamba said.

And Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya said Zambia had been invaded by a snake and it was time the country remained united to defeat the ambitions of the evil cartel.

3 thoughts on “PF ungrateful party – GBM

  1. We all aprecitae and are grateful 2 wat GBM did 2 PF in terms financial contribution bt in evry devorce pipo are quick 2 point fingures at each other in this case its GBM accusn PF of sorts of things,he is so quick 2 tel us wat he did 2 PF bt he doesn’t tell us wat PF jas done 2 him by and large PF gave GBM a platform 2 get in 2 parliament he tried on his own in Kabwata and failed terribly,GBM was awarded contracts by PF and wat is in PUblic is 22 billion old currency paid 2 him by the govt we don’t hear him mention it,president michael Sata gave a rare job as minister in defence which mney can’t buy he messed up and which way does GBM want PF 2 say thank u 2 him,bt if expeting PF 2 treat like a baby or a god it won’t and will never happen,regarding the issue of chiefs GBM shud be careful as this matter is being handled and if this is his pillar very soon it will be swept out of his feet and he will ve no weya 2 stand let him cme up wis proper politics finaly thya is no more desguise we all no he is against PF so he can’t pretend 2 be PF he doesn’t exist in PF he is not a factor anymore wills of time have moved on ,he should concentrate on his business and his presidential ambition we wish well in his political endeavours and one thing 4 real he a mistake 2 resign,emotional decision are costly it has dawned on him that he doesn’t ve power,it is now clear power is wis sata atleast 4 now and he must be ready 2 face this battle atleast 4 de next 7yrs coz PF won’t leave in 2016

  2. GBM should be fair to himself. When Sata started harassing the Litunga, He became part of that scheme because he himself as Defence Minister went to the Litunga’s Palace in order to harass him when he toured part of Barotseland. His presence in the areas meant to frighten the people there so that they could support PF. The Bembas like himself went on throwing insults at the Litunga and today the same harassment is on their Paramount Chief. No principles exhibited. What are you supporting now that you and your Chief are being harassed by Sata.

  3. While all zambians ar free to say what he thinks is right on this matter, thats what it means by true democracy free will of the people not the way poor factors ar performing its below par nd very difficult for them to go throu7gh in 2016 , if they will be any elections. dont talk on behalf of people talk as pf yrself black mokey, be considerate not foolish idears as yr name is.

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