Sata needs rest

President Michael Sata should be allowed to take a rest and his advisors have been asked to show compassion and not put personal gain of protecting their jobs above the Head of State’s well being.

MMD vice-president Dr Kaingu has said that what happened to late president Levy Mwanawasa was because of the selfish people who had ignored his (Mwanawasa) health because of personal interests of protecting jobs cautioning this should never repeat itself.

“We did that (to Levy Mwanawasa) we were greedy some of us who had jobs with Mwanawasa. We were greedy; we wanted him to continue because we knew very well that if he left we would lose our jobs. But where is he (Mwanawasa)?  Where is he right now he is gone.  For me, I do not fail to say where we are wrong. We were greedy and that was very unfair,” he said.

Dr Kaingu said people forcing President Sata to continue being in office as Head of State should know that Zambians needed him (Sata) more as a person than as a President.

He said the MMD government knew that president Mwanawasa was unwell but they kept on pushing to stay on and has advised the PF leadership to consider allowing President Sata to step down so that he could have enough rest from presidential stress.

“Today we are seeing a Sata who is now picketed at state house it is very unfair. In fact I want those people who are still forcing him to be in office to understand that actually we need him.  We need him more as a person than as a president…you understand… and I think it is very unfair to continue as a President when he looks so tired, you understand, to continue pushing him in office.  We saw him yesterday (Sunday), and I know it is the people who want their jobs who still want him today,” Dr Kaingu said.

Dr Kaingu has noted that it was unfair for President Sata to continue performing state functions when he was looking tired and stressed.

Dr Kaingu said the leadership in the PF was pushing President Sata to continue staying in office because of the greed of keeping the government jobs at the expense of the President’s life.

He said the PF leadership should understand that Zambia needed President Sata more as a person than as a President.

Dr Kaingu has appealed to President Sata to anoint somebody else in the PF who could take over from him so that he could take a rest.

And MMD president Nevers Mumba has said it was unfair and unfortunate that the PF government was allegedly pushing President Sata to perform strenuous state functions beyond his physical capacity. Dr Mumba said the ruling party should face the reality that President Sata was not well and that a decision must be made to put him (Sata) on hold for him to recover.

Dr Mumba has advised that President Sata should immediately be allowed to take a rest and should be stopped from attending state function because he is unable to perform state functions that demand long and strenuous presence of the Head of State.

He has advised that the PF should from now on excuse President Sata from attending or performing state function because he was fatigued with the economic, political and social challenges the country was currently going through.

One thought on “Sata needs rest

  1. Dr.Kaingu: Today he is telling us that his Presidential candidate(SATA) is unwell and needs rest sure. So if we are to hold elections today as he suggested last time, how could his preffered candidate(Sata ) have gone round the country to campain? What type of man is he When he was comparing his party President(Mumba) to Sata? what was going on in his mind with jelly brains I believe?

    Therefore, I would like to advise Dr. Kaingu to tone down like a true intelligent Doctor instead of ‘ukubwata’ all the time. Silence is Golden! Can’t he see that his Friend Dora has toned down busy reflecting!

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