Zambia sliding into a disorganized society-CCZ

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has condemned the violence that has characterized Zambia’s politics and the selective enforcement of the law by the police and warned that the country is sliding into a disorganized society.

CCZ secretary general Reverend Suzanne Matale said it was worrying that there was no effort by the leaders to stop the violence that was being observed at courts and police stations each time a prominent politician appeared.

“We are now sliding into a very seriously disorganized society and it’s like there is nobody who is in charge of order and security in the nation,” Rev Matale said.

On Tuesday supporters  of Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba were hacked by suspected PF cadres at Matero Police Station where the law maker was summoned over an assault charge.

“The sad part is that there is no effort to stop violence from any corner and yet we have also seen selective enforcement of law against opponents. But when it is perpetrated by cadres of the PF then it’s okay and law enforcement people look the other way and this is clear and they are not even hiding it,” Rev Matale said.

She said there was no political will to enforce law and order in a transparent manner.

“We have seen the lack of desire by our political players and our security wings to enforce order and this is alarming for the nation because the violence is not only evident during court sessions, but everywhere throughout the nation,”

“What we see in the media is just the tip of an iceberg because there are worse things that are happening in our community,” Rev Matale said. “We are seriously concerned that if we do not take steps to stop this and to begin to reorganize our society, to bring our country to sanity, we have a serious thing coming,” Rev Matale said.

She said violence was an evil act which must be condemned in the strongest terms.

“As a church, we need to offer leadership in ensuring that we uplift, collectively the well being of Zambia because violence is killing the moral fiber of our nation, it is killing our children and therefore, there must be deliberate efforts by our political players, police with the support of the church to stop it,” said Rev Matale.

The nation has been experiencing political violence in the past two years.