Drugs hauled in Chibolya’s morning raid by police, DEC

Undisclosed amounts of a mixture of drugs was yesterday recovered in Lusaka’s Chibolya compound during an early morning swoop by a combined team of Zambia Police and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers in Lusaka yesterday.

Police assistant public relations officer Rae Hamoonga disclosed that 284 suspects were by 14 00hours apprehended in the joint operations which he said was an ongoing operation in the area.

“Give us (police) time to compile a comprehensive report so that we can have one official statement about the Chibolya operation.

We are already carrying out preliminary screening of the suspects but the officers are still on the ground in Chibolya,” he said.

He explained that in its preliminary screening, police have unearthed 23 illegal immigrants and 17 suspected drug dealers including an assortment of drugs which they handed over to the Drug Enforcement Commission.

The invasion comes barely a month after another raid took place where the community reacted by throwing stones at the security officers and several vehicles were burnt in the process.

Mr Hamoonga said the operation was meant to clean up the compound of reported unlawful dealings in psychotropic substances and to improve law and order to the people of the notorious community.

“There is no such a place as a ‘no go area’ for the police in Zambia. We shall ensure that law and order is maintained by all legal means possible everywhere in the country as long as that place was within the national boundaries,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said during the operation, Police impounded three motor vehicles believed to be involved in illegal activities with K12,390 cash.

He identified the vehicles as a Toyota Haice minibus with 6 carcasses and bags of soya amnd maize on board, a Toyota vitz with 5 people on board suspected to be drug dealers.

The other is a Toyota Corolla also with 5 suspects among them the owner of the cash.

“This is in Chibolya were we found more K12,000 cash from one person around 0200hrs in the early mornings.

We also discovered an assortment of household property including a 42 inch plasma tv, a number of computers, tv sets and other electrical and non-electrical items,” he said.