It’s time for Prof Mutharika to reconcile Malawi – VJ

Veteran politician Vernon Johnson Mwaanga has congratulated Malawian President elect Professor Peter Mutharika for winning that country’s presidential election.

In his congratulatory message to Prof Mutharika, Mr. Mwaanga said that it was time for unity and reconciliation in Malawi advising that the new leadership should endeavour to  forget about the past differences and look at the future of the nation.

“This is the time Prof Mutharika needs to reconcile the nation. Malawi needs unity of purpose. There should be forgiveness, reconciliation and put the past behind them for the sake of unity and progress,” said Mr. Mwaanga.

Mr. Mwaanga said that once again Africa and particularly Malawi had emerged and shown the world that it was possible for Africa to have democratic elections adding there was no doubt that democracy was growing in the continent.

He said that the victory of Professor Mutharika was not for Malawi alone but for the continent that was thriving for democracy.

“The swearing in of Professor Peter Mutharika as the new President of Malawi on Saturday and his inauguration today (yesterday), is yet another victory for Malawian and African electoral democracy,” said Mr. Mwaanga.

Mr. Mwaanga noted that although the elections were heavily contested with about 12 presidential candidates, Malawi proved that they could prevail over the country’s political leadership by electing into government a person of their choice.

“Notwithstanding that their elections were hotly contested by 12 presidential candidates, there has finally been a winner after court injunctions and recounts under the first past the post electoral system,” said Mr. Mwaanga.

He said that Prof Mutharika had a responsibility to unite the country that seemed divided during the period of electioneering.

“I congratulate President Peter Mutharika on his election victory and wish him well as he embarks on healing and reconciling his divided country. Outgoing President Joyce Banda also deserves praise for the outstanding leadership she provided to Malawi for 2 years at a very difficult and challenging time. Africa has once again avoided the cruel sanctions of history, by respecting the will of the people,” said Mr. Mwaanga.