Kabimba playing ‘dirty’ over Sata

A Patriotic Front (PF) devotee has challenged Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to state what motivated him to take President Michael Sata to the Lusaka High Court for a case in which the Head of State has sued Daily Nation proprietor Richard Sakala and academician Dr Choolwe Beyani for defamation without informing other members of cabinet.

PF anti rigging member Regina Chileshe said it was shocking that Mr Kabimba kept President Sata’s appearance at the High Court a secret and that the Justice Minister had deliberately avoided informing members of the central committee.

Ms Chileshe said for some unknown reasons, Mr Kabimba who is the PF secretary general did not want cabinet, the central committee and the Attorney general to know that President Sata was going to be exhibited at the High Court.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Kabimba proved futile as his mobile phone was switched off and a message sent to him was not responded to.

“What Mr Kabimba did by taking President Sata to court was ill-motivated and I want him to come out in the open and explain to other Ministers, the central committee and the Attorney General why he (Kabimba) was the only one who knew that President Sata was going to court. Mr Kabimba should have informed other cabinet ministers, the central committee and the Attorney general if he meant well about parading the President at the High Court. Mr Kabimba is neither the only cabinet minister nor the only member of the central committee to have decided that President Sata should personally appear in court,” Ms Chileshe said.

She said if Mr Kabimba meant well in his action, he should have taken the trouble of informing other cabinet ministers, the central committee members and the Attorney general so that the entire system should have been aware about President Sata impending court appearance.

Ms Chileshe said there was a strong feeling in the ruling party that Mr Kabimba had ill motives for taking President Sata to court and has challenged him to state what motivated him to have embarked on such an action that has left many Zambians wondering why the Head of State had to personally attend a court session thereby waiving his immunity.

She said Mr Kabimba was the only cabinet minister who went with President Sata to the High Court stating that had he informed other ministers, they would have taken time to be with the Head of State at the court.

Ms Chileshe it had become evident that Mr Kabimba was misleading President Sata and that was why he did not want cabinet, central committee and the Attorney General to know that the Head of State was scheduled to appear in court in person.

She has challenged cabinet Ministers and the central committee to state whether they were consulted by Kabimba over President Sata’s scheduled court appearance.

She said cabinet minister and the central committee should openly question Mr Kabimba’s motive and wondered why other cabinet ministers and the members of the central committee had kept quiet over President Sata’s court saga.

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  1. madam congratulations for speaking out,you are 1 out a million in the pf,you hv shown true love for the president.People who hate him are beginning their true colours,shame!! Upon SG

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