PF effectively campaigning against itself – Nawakwi

The Patriotic Front (PF)’s attempt to stop the opposition from holding meetings and interacting with their members will not affect the opposition’s focus, Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi has said.

Commenting on the selective enforcement of the Public Order Act, Ms Nawakwi observed that the executive seemed to think that if they inconvenienced other political parties, they would make progress in marketing themselves.

“They think that if they dig ditches for their friends, they will not fall in them. What the executive is doing right now is that they are digging those holes for themselves and they will actually fall in those ditches,” Ms Nawakwi said.

She said the PF’s propensity to use autocracy as a means of governing the country was nothing but a circus because Zambians would never allow themselves to be intimidated by the people with the mandate to govern.

“For me, it is very, very amusing. I am looking at the confusion in the PF and their abuse of the Public Order Act as a circus of people who are scared. I have heard that on the Copperbelt, Wynter Kabimba asking why the FDD is growing. The PF has a wrong belief that by blocking the opposition political parties from holding meetings, they would be growing in popularity,” Ms Nawakwi said.

She explained that each time the PF was agitated; they would resort to to harassing and intimidating the leaders of the opposition political parties.

Ms Nawakwi said she had observed a lot of suffering in Zambia and that it was the economic hopelessness many Zambians had found themselves in that was giving her the zeal and energy to heighten her mobilization so that the party could win the 2016 general elections,

“In 1990, we were being followed like wild animals by the UNIP machinery. 2001, some of us were even burnt. We were going to be set alight and they even opened jails to bring out common criminals and about three times they tried to shoot at me,” Ms Nawakwi said. They opened Chinmbokaila to get out hard core criminals to start hunting me to gun me down so that they can actually say this was an act of criminals. It did not work because God as appointed a day for everybody on which they will face their fate,” she said.