Tempting fate

It is very dangerous that we are tempting fate.

As a nation we have chosen to live in denial and hope for the very best against hope. This attitude is neither logical, rational, nor helpful to the nation.

We have no crisis but that is no reason why we should create circumstances that will lead to a crisis, because once created a crisis will be very difficult, traumatic and painful to correct and settle amicably.

Failure to recognize and appreciate self evident truths is as futile and dangerous as hoping for miracles when the answer lies in our hands.

Constitutions are enacted with the purpose of eliminating uncertainty while providing guidance with regard to governance and its exigencies.

Contrary to the constitution we have no substantive Vice President as described by the constitution. We also do not have a substantive Chief Justice as described in the constitution.

This lacuna opens imponderables which the constitution clearly avoids by articulating conditions and circumstances under which provision will come into effect.

We have chosen instead to bury our heads in the sand and pretend while hoping against hope that circumstances will not arise. This is not facing reality and the sooner it is faced the better for all and the country in particular. Living in denial or under the spell of spin doctors will neither change the truth nor alter the inexorable prognosis. Our refusal   to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or indeed fail to admit it into consciousness a living does not change reality it only delays it- at a cost.

A country is bigger than an individual and when national interest demands, all individual, sectarian or indeed special interests must be subordinated.

 The most critical element in leadership is the executive function. An impaired executive function, more than anything else will compromise and ultimately any claim to leadership.

Sadly we find ourselves in a situation where beneficiaries, in spite of evidence to the contrary, are determined to perpetuate a myth that has no basis in fact or presentation. Nobody believes it most all the confidantes.

This country is confronted with tremendous challenges some of which are self created while others are the result of global exigencies over which we have no control, but all of which will require a cogent visionary and analytical approach to resolve.

Leadership will therefore demand quickness of understanding, sound thought, or good judgment. This requires a faculty of reasoning and understanding, data processing and objective judgment.

These are demanding attributes that can only be ignored at our own peril.


One thought on “Tempting fate

  1. Tempting fate
    That sounds prophetic and prophetic words sometimes can be understood or interpreted in different ways thou it could lead you in one direction.
    I totally agree with the fact that reality cannot be changed but can be delayed,to hit the nail on the head;our president is not well that is a fact but there is an open pretence in the party in power that everything is okay, saddly even from the patient himself.The wife who is a doctor has proffessionary reserved her comments because she understands the situation.
    The other fact is that we’re all going to die any time, but each one of us think it could not be soon, taking life for granted.Things should be put in place in case we die today for the sake of those we live behind, if we care and love them and to avoid leaving confussion behind.
    The vice cannot take over,the chief justice is in questionable situation and worse still the rulling party has no quality leadership to take up the reigns of power. Address the issue of the constitution and things may turn to the right direction!

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