Be sincere to Sata, Bembas advise PF leadership

Patriotic Front (PF) members have been told to stop mismanaging President Michael Sata just to save their jobs, the Bemba Royal Establishment has advised.

The Bemba Royal Establishment representative Mulenga Kombe said people surrounding President Sata were deliberately misleading him so that he could fail to perform and become unpopular.

Mr Kombe said he was not      happy that the people who were close to the Head of State had continued to mislead him to save their political jobs and interests.

He said as far as he was concerned, there was nothing wrong to ask President Sata to take some rest because he was certainly looking  stressed and tired to effectively perform state functions.

Mr Kombe said that Zambians had every right to be concerned with the health of the President because he was entrusted with the mandate to govern the nation.

“It is not fair that people are busy pushing the Head of State around because they want to save their jobs, and what I want to tell the PF members is to know that at the end of the day the president is also a human being who needs rest,” he said.

He said that Zambians were not happy with manner the PF members were trying to hide their intentions in the name of being close to the President.

Mr Kombe said that the Zambians were speculating about President Sata’s health because the PF leadership had never wanted to be truthful on national issues, adding that most of the government leaders and officials were not doing things in public interest.

He said that the PF leadership was marred with confusion because they were not interested in dialogue and that they were behaving like people who had monopoly of wisdom.

“Mr Sata is an institution and public property owned by the people of Zambia and not few individuals in the PF. As Zambians we are concerned whenever we hear rumors about the failing health of the Head of State and therefore we deserve to know the truth from the people who are mandated to inform the nation,” Mr Kombe said.

Mr Kombe said that nothing other than the truth that would make the Zambians restore confidence in the PF government adding that the President was right when he branded his ministers useless.

“Zambians have a right to know the health status of a person entrusted to preside over their national affairs and there is nothing wrong with that. People speculate because of lack of information,” he said.