VJ predicts PF downfall

Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has predicted that the Patriotic Front (PF) will have difficult times to canvass for votes in the 2016 general election because of the failure to fulfill campaign promises such as the delivery of the people driven constitution.

Mr. Mwaanga said that it was unacceptable that the PF government could renege on the promise of delivering a people driven constitution when President Michael Sata made the pledge of delivering a constitution within 90 days when he made his inaugural speech to Parliament on 14th October, 2011.

He said that the Technical Committee appointed by President Sata was made up of very honourable men and women, and did not agree with government assertions that their report was disjoined.

“Going by what we have seen online and if that was the final draft then I do not see where it is disjoined. I am not saying that what we have on some online media is the final draft of the constitution. I do not think the technical committee that was constituted to prepare the final draft copy would do a bad job and I do not see that document disjoined as allayed by government,” said Mr. Mwaanga.

He wondered why government was quick to make contradictions of not having received the draft copy while on the other hand they had been saying that the draft copy is disjoined.

Mr Mwaanga bemoaned Zambia’s failure to deliver a people driven constitution 50 years after independence when the country was deemed a liberator of Southern Africa.

The veteran politician refuted to accept government’s argument that  the constitution making process would be costly and deprive other sectors of economic development in the nation.

He explained that government must have known the cost implication of the process when the programme was embarked upon adding that some cooperating partners had shown interest to fund the constitution making process and wondered why government was reluctant to procrastinating the process.

On Sunday, Mr Mwaanga featured on the Muvi TV the Assignment Programme where he discussed a range of national issues the PF government to address..

And speaking during the same appearance, law Association (LAZ) vice president Linda Kasonde said the Grand Coalition on the Draft Constitution was getting bigger as more people had resolved to join calls for the people driven constitution.

Ms. Kasonde said the coalition had embarked on some strategies which would compel government to release the final draft constitution so that the new constitution could be enacted through a referendum.

Ms Kasonde said the organization has launched the green ribbon campaign and would start calling for honking every Fridays at 17:00hrs.

She maintained that the demand for the release of the draft constitution shall be an ongoing process as was the anti-third term bid which stopped former President Fredrick Chiluba from going for the third term.