Kabimba must be dismissed

President Michael Sata has been petitioned to fire Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and remove him as secretary general of the Patriotic Front because he has allegedly failed to organize the ruling party and subjected the President to ridicule when he paraded the Head of State at the LusakaHigh Court.

The demands was made by Lusaka PF youths who have again demanded that Mr Kabimba should leave the ruling party because he was abusing his office as Justice Minister and secretary general by allegedly having launched his presidential campaign before President Sata could complete his first term in office.

The PF youths led by outspoken former Lusaka district vice chairman Julius Komaki charged that they were aware of the scheme by Mr Kabimba to hijack the ruling party by destroying the original party structures and replacing them with his confidants in readiness for the convention.

This is the second time Mr Kabimba is facing a revolt from the youths and efforts to get Mr Kabimba for a comment failed as his mobile phone went unanswered.

In a terse but strong statement, Mr Komaki who  was brutally hacked and almost killed by a faction that was against endorsing President Sata for the second term because the Justice Minister had completely failed to organize the party at grassroots level.

“We the youths of the ruling Patriotic Front hereby petition President Michael Chilufya Sata to immediately dismiss Mr Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general of the party for bringing the party and the Republican president’s name into ridicule, disrepute by exposing the President to judicial proceedings single handedly without discussing such exposure with the central committee or cabinet thereby circumventing and breaching party and government protocol and procedures. President Sata as the appointing authority must dismiss Mr Kabimba for misleading him (President Sata), the party and the nation over the constitution making process and failing to subject the draft constitution to cabinet for discussion for further action,” Mr Komaki said

Mr Komaki said Mr Kabimba had failed to call for elections at constituency, district and provincial level across the country and that most of the leaders were appointed which they said was not democratic.

He stated that Mr Kabimba deliberately schemed to bring the name of President Sata into disrepute and ridicule by exposing and parading the Head of State at the High Court for judicial proceedings single-handedly without discussing his decision with other cabinet ministers and central committee members.

Mr Komaki said Mr Kabimba was deliberately misleading President Sata, the nation and the party in general over the constitution making process which has since stalled.

He charged that the Justice Minister was allegedly withholding information from President Sata, cabinet and the central committee and had failed to subject the draft constitution to cabinet for deliberation so as to chart the way forward on the constitution making process.

Mr Komaki also charged that Mr Kabimba had usurped the powers of the central committee by taking various disciplinary decisions alone thereby breaching party rules.

He said the PF secretary general was issuing alarming statements without consultation and  discussion resulting in confusion and that the ruling party had lost direction and was experiencing divisions because Mr Kabimba had chosen to work with a selected group of people to the exclusion other party elected officials.

“We demand that the central committee must meet immediately within the next seven days and discuss all the petitions against Mr Kabimba with the view of dismissing him. The central committee must chart   the way forward for all party activities and that the issue of the draft constitution must be tabled for discussion in cabinet and a roadmap be disclosed to the general public,” Mr Komaki said.