MMD needs to Reconcile -Kapwepwe

Opposition MMD in North Western Province has appealed to party president Nevers Mumba to take a leading role in uniting and reconciling the former ruling party as it prepares for the 2016 general elections.

Provincial chairperson David Kapwepwe in an interview said that stripping off the position of vice president from Dr. Michael Kaingu and Dr. Brian Chituwo had divided the party further and if not properly handled the action by NEC would negatively affect the operations of the party.

Mr. Kapwepwe said that it was his wish that president Mumba reconsidered the action imposed on the five senior party officials whom he said contributed immensely to the party.

He said that reconciliation and unity was the only way to go if the MMD was to hold relevance to the country’s political landscape.

“The decision of stripping off positions from Dr. Kaingu, Dr. Chituwo, Dora Siliya from party spokesperson, Lucky Mulusa as chairperson for Tourism and Tobias Kafumukache as national youth secretary by NEC which I am part of was unfortunate and a sad development for the party.

What we thought as a province which petitioned for the convention to elect new leaders to see us through to 2016 general election leaders especially on the part of the president, reconciliation would play first,” said Mr. Kapwepwe.

He said that the province and other districts in the region which petitioned for the holding of a convention to elect new leaders in the party were saddened that former Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Mr. Mulusa had been a victim of intolerance in the party.

Mr. Kapwepwe reminded party president that the people he had gotten rid of from the party were the same people who supported and invested in his leadership.

He warned that if the culture of frustrating members who have been there for the party continued, the former ruling party was destined for oblivion.

“I am here in North Western and people are talking. They are not happy that Mulusa has been treated that way he has. They are not happy that our leaders who welcomed and received Dr. Mumba are shown the way out of the party. It is like they are no longer needed,” said Mr. Kapwepwe.

“We hear that some of our members plan mass exodus from the MMD to follow the leaders whose positions have been stripped off.  It is important for Dr. Mumba and that party to look at reconciliation and bring all people together because we want all on board. Politics is a number of games,” he said.

Mr. Kapwepwe however said that people should respect NEC position because it was the supreme body of the party and in a long run lobby to integrate members disciplined in the party NEC structures.

He said that the party should also focus on mobilizing and prepare it for the 2016 general elections rather than continuing over leadership. And Mr. Kapwepwe said that he would go round the province urging members to calm down over the decision to strip off some members of their positions.Last week the MMD NEC which met at Chrisma Hotel stripped Dr. Kaingu, Dr. Chituwo, Ms. Siliya, Mr. Mulusa and Mr. Kafumukache of their positions and as NE4C members because of spearheading the convention crusade which was viewed as an attempt to dislodge party president Dr. Mumba.The decision has so far attracted mixed feelings among rank and file of the party and other stakeholders who feel that the Nevers Mumba led committee should have reconciled the party rather than going the way they went.

2 thoughts on “MMD needs to Reconcile -Kapwepwe

  1. As much as reconciliation is the best thing,but it can not be imposed on either party.Kaingu declared that he does not believe in Dr Mumba’s Leadership a long time ago.All along he has just been pretending.Let Mr Kapwepwe give his opinion from an informed position of having information on the secretive behaviour of these so-called senior members.Numbers are good,but not traitors.Traitors are actually enemies,and you can not plan for Victory with enemies within.

    1. With due respect to the opinion of Mr Kapwepwe-Does he sincerely believe this Kaingu and Co.want reconciliation?For me from the look of things these pipo are behaving like they’re hired,they are not remorseful of what they’ve said about Dr Mumba as a Party Leader.A prodical Son in the Bible came to his senses about what he did to his father and went back.Kaingu and Co.need to come to their senses and come back to the main stream of MMD Family,then Reconciliation will take place and be meaningful.They should not hide behind having a Convention,it’s Dr Mumba,they don’t want-period.Kaingu said,if Dr Mumba wins again,he will leave MMD-So what reconciliation can be there with this personal hatred for Nevers?

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