PF Kitwe councillor wants plots

Patriotic Front (PF) Ipusukilo ward councillor Francis “Kasusu” Chipasha has bitterly complained about ill-treatment by the Kitwe City Council and the PF government for allegedly denying him plots to sustain his livelihood.

He said while other councillors were being given plots which they have sold to buy cars, in his case he was being denied the same treatment.

“I am bitter because the council and the PF government have neglected me to a level where I am just struggling with life,” said Mr Chipasha

Mr Chipasha said because of lack of such support he was now struggling with life as the council has also allegedly delayed in giving him title deeds to his buildings in town.

He said he had tried to talk to the Town Clerk over the issue of title deeds to his piece of land at the former council farm but nothing had come to fruition.  “When I ask for title deeds, the council just keeps on dilly-dallying. It has no regard for me. I went to the Town Clerk’s office with a gun and I put it on the table before I started complaining about how unfair I have been treated by the council despite being a PF councillor and senior citizen, but some people made an issue out of it and claimed that I wanted to shoot myself. It is not true.

“I actually went to pay for my gun at the council, but to tell you the truth I have been treated unfairly at this council. Last time I was almost killed by squatters at my piece of land at the former council farm, but when I came to ask for title deeds at the council they refused to give them to me,” Mr Chipasha said He said apart from being unfairly treated at the council, he has not benefited anything from the PF while late comers to the ruling party were wining and dining.

Mr Chipasha said his efforts to seek an audience with President Michael Sata to discuss various issues with him had been blocked by some State House officials.

“Ina nde chula fye mwana wandi nomba mona abalelya ni bambi. Ngatwati tumoneko ba President ba Sata, baletukanya George Chella (I am just suffering my son, other people are enjoying in PF. When I want to see President Sata, his spokesperson George Chellah stops me from seeing the republican President,’ he said.