Current constitution useful for PF’s X bid, says Sampa Bredt

The Patriotic Front government finds the current constitution useful for the purpose of oppressing people with divergent views hence President Michael Sata’s refusal to allow Zambians have a new laws, former Patriotic Front Chawama Constituency Member of Parliament Sampa Bredt has observed.

Mrs. Bredt said In an interview yesterday in Lusaka  that it was shocking that President Sata had now found the current constitution to be the best when not too long ago, he was a victim of the bad laws in the current constitution.

She reminded Mr Sata about his 2010-2011 campaigns, saying that the constitution was the basis of his election into government.

Mrs Bredt said failure to give Zambians a new constitution now would make it doubtful for the PF go beyond 2016.

“It is very surprising that President Sata likes the current constitution which he described as fake, outdated and colonial when he was in the opposition. I find it strange that he is now hero-worshipping the same constitution he denounced as bad and anti-Zambian,” she said.

Mrs. Bredt said it was unbelievable that whenever President Sata was swearing in people to various Ministries and Diplomatic postings, he was always warning them against talking about the need of having a new constitution.

She warned President Sata and the PF government that of tactics would delay or change the need for a new constitution which the people of Zambia were demanding.

Mrs Bredt said now was the time for a new constitution which should address the many challenges the country was facing, adding that attempts to continue using the defective constitution against the people of Zambia would not help the PF to stay long in government.

“It is clear now that the PF wants to use this defective constitution to propel themselves into staying into power longer than necessary. They want to use the old constitution to continue abusing the Public Order Act. The PF wants to use the old constitution to have some leverage to abuse the law,” said Mrs. Brett.

She reminded President Sata and the PF that the current constitution had made the PF unpopular and the only route was to allow the will of the people to prevail in the constitution making process.

The former law maker in the PF said that Zambians have reached a stage where the only things they wanted from leadership was a new constitution.

“Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, the truth is that we need a new constitution and therefore, we should continue pushing this PF government to give us the new constitution which they promised within 90 days, failure to which the PF does not deserve another term in office,” said Mrs. Bredt.

She observed that the confusing part about President Sata and the PF government was that they had negated their own constitution making process.

Mrs. Bredt was one of the 26 PF Members of Parliament that President Sata labeled as rebels for going to the National Constitution Conference (NCC) under former president Levy Mwanawasa (late).