Sata should sack corrupt ministers -Changala

President Michael Sata has been challenged to dismiss ministers he alleges are corrupt so that they can be brought to book, says civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

Mr Changala said President Sata did a great service to Zambians when he revealed that some of his ministers had benefited from bribes and were now working against the people,

He challenged the Head of State to relieve the corrupt ministers of their positions to allow the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate them.

Mr. Changala, however, said the revelation by President Sata had vindicated him when he said that ACC was a corrupt entity in its current form because it had failed to detect, investigate and bring to book corruption involving political elements in government.

He said the state of affairs was sad especially that it had now forced the President to reveal that some of his ministers had received corruption money.

“Mr. Sata is the third person to accuse his ministers of corruption. The first was Wynter Kabimba and Dr. Guy Scott. They have all told the nation that some ministers in the PF are corrupt but what shocks me is the cold feet ACC has on such matters. The failure by ACC to bring to book corrupt ministers President Sata was referring to is baffling,” said Mr. Changala.

He said President Sata was a good whistle blower who should be commended for a job well done for informing the nation that there were some ministers in his cabinet who were corrupt.

Mr Changala said ACC should take President Sata seriously and investigate the corruption.

He observed that a few months ago, three high ranking PF official among them Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Vice President Dr. Guy Scott revealed that there were a corrupt cartel in the PF, a situation which shocked many Zambians.

He said it was also the responsibility of President Sata as an abiding law citizen to report corrupt ministers to ACC for action.

“When I said that ACC is corrupt, people thought I did not know what I was talking about. But now President Sata has vindicated me.

ACC is incompetent, they have failed to act on various revelations of corruption.

“And now that President Sata has revealed that some ministers have turned against the people because of the bribes they received, it should interest ACC to start investigating the matter now,” said Mr. Changala.

He said Zambians should thank President Sata for his boldness and revelations that some of his ministers were corrupt.

On Monday President Sata said that some of his ministers were working against the people because of the corruption money they had received.