Komaki challenges Sata

As the power struggle that has left the Patriotic Front deeply divided rages on, information has emerged that PF Lusaka town centre branch chairman Julius Komaki challenged President Micheal Sata to disclose his succession plan in the party during a meeting at State House last week. 

The meeting was attended by Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, Vice-President Guy Scott and Inonge Wina who are supporting Kabimba’s ambitions as well as Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Road Development Agency (RDA) board chairman Willie Nsanda, suspended Lusaka Province PF chairman Davis Chama who have been accused of sponsoring anti-Kabimba revolts.

President Sata summoned Mr Komaki over his petition demanding that the Head of State should dismiss Mr Kabimba for having divided the party.

A State House source told the Daily Nation that Mr Kabimba had earlier gone to see President Sata to complain against Mr Komaki who has become a strong critic of the Justice Minister’s style of governing the ruling party and that the Head of State later summoned the Lusaka Central strong man.

A heated  meeting ensued resulting into President Sata chasing Mr Komaki.

But soon after this meeting, a State House source said President Sata called back Mr Komaki for another meeting whose details only the Head of State and Mr Komaki know.

At the first meeting, the State House source said Mr Komaki strongly defended his position of demanding the dismissal of Mr Kabimba forcing President Sata to eject him (Komaki) from the meeting and directing the secretary general to expel Komaki.

The source said Mr Komaki told President Sata that the general membership of the party was deeply concerned that Mr Kabimba had commenced what seemed to be his presidential campaigns and that if he had been anointed, the PF risked getting fragmented.

The source also said President Sata did not accuse Mr Kambwili, Mr Nsanda and Mr Chama of sponsoring the anti-Kabimba demonstrations and that media reports linking the trio to the Kabimba revolts were mere fabrications.

“Mr Komaki put the President on the spot when he asked him whether he had anointed Mr Kabimba as his successor. Mr Komaki also asked the President if he sanctioned Mr Kabimba to traverse the country projecting his own image. Mr Kabimba, Dr Scott and Ms Wina were shocked that Mr Komaki could have the courage to ask the Head of State such a direct question. In fact, Mr Komaki quarreled with the President and was even chased from the meeting and asked Mr Kabimba to expel him (Komaki),’ the source said.

When contacted about his meeting with President Sata, Mr Komaki refused to comment stating that what was discussed at State House was highly confidential but restated his continued support for the Head of State and the ruling party.