PF cadres plan to disrupt UPND rally

SOME Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Lusaka have been mobilised to disrupt the United Party for National Development (UPND) rally scheduled for today in Mandevu raising fears of a potential danger of violence with pangas, machetes and other crude weapons that have been assembled for the encounter.

The PF youths have been mobilized from Mandevu, Matero, Kanyama and Chawama.

UPND deputy spokesperson Kuchunga Simusamba said the UPND was aware of plans by some PF cadres to disrupt their political rally and cause mayhem.

However, Mr Simusamba said the UPND was adequately prepared for the encounter.

He said the UPND had been informed that some leaders in the ruling party were mobilising their cadres with the aim of attacking members of the opposition political party at the rally.

There are reports that the cadres have been instructed to block UPND sympathizers who are expected to be trooping to Mandevu Constituency and that police would have a tough time to control the situation as the ruling party cadres were enjoying some level of immunity.

Mr Simusamba said the police had a duty to protect citizens and that he was hopeful that the law enforcement officers would be bold enough to stop the PF cadres from invading the venue for the UPND rally.

“The PF have the potential to disrupt our rally but we are ready for them. We were informed sometime back and we have been preparing ourselves for this day. We know the police have a duty to protect citizens and we hope that they will not allow the PF anywhere near the venue of our rally. The police approved our notification for this meeting and we are going ahead as scheduled. But we also know that the police may not be able to deal with the PF cadres because they seem to have some kind of immunity,” Mr Simusamba said.

He said the UPND was looking forward to a peaceful rally and that it was the expectation of the opposition leadership that the ruling party would restrain its cadres from engaging in violence.

Mr Simusamba said the PF should heed the advice of the United States of America (USA) government that had condemned the panga violence being perpetrated by the ruling party cadres.