‘PF cares for ministers, families’

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema yesterday held a successful mammoth rally in Lusaka where he told the people that President Michael Sata has failed in his obligation to look after the people who voted him into government.

Mr Hichilema accused President Sata of choosing to take care of his ministers and family members as opposed to ensuring that the welfare of all Zambians became a priority.

Addressing the heavily Police guarded mammoth rally in  Mandevu Constituency at Mutambe grounds, Mr. Hichilema said the role of government was to look after its people, a task the PF government had failed.

“The President and his ministers are looking after each other forgetting about those who voted for them.They are not caring about how the people who voted for them are suffering; the cost of living has gone up in the country. Ba PF pamene banangena muboma unga unali pa K35 manje uli pa K75, wadula. Cooking oil yadula, malasha yadula onani nikapapemala aka. Aka kamene mwaona ni tumalasha ni K2, ak ni tu cooking oil pa K1, aka nikaunga, bangadye bantu bali ten? Bakangiwa ba PF bachoke bapumule,” he said,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said the PF has made life for most Zambians miserable, adding that electricity tariffs have gone up together with fuel prices.

He said the Kwacha had collapsed due to poor leadership by the PF government, “We have a funeral and we need some minute of silence, President Sata has killed the Kwacha. There is no doubt that PF has failed to run our country.”

Mr. Hichilema said the PF cannot run the economy of the country because they have no clue on governance.

He said the PF were highly qualified in cheating people.

“They are experts on lies, they liedto you when they said they would give you jobs, they lied to you when they said they will give you more money. Our job as UPND is to correct the mistakes the PF are making. Our responsibility is to run the country better. Not to create by-elections the way the PF is doing. Katuba cost this country US$2 billion dollars, the money which would have been taken to hospitals, we don’t want to waste money on a big cabinet,” he said.

He said when UPND forms government, it would add value to all raw materials such as maize, copper and other things before exports.

Mr. Hichilema also said the UPND policy on education was to ensure that all children have access to free education from the first grade to University.

And Mr. Hichilema said his government would not persecute former Heads of State like the way the PF was doing.

“We shall not arrest Mr. Sata when we form government. We shall reinstate the nurses who were fired by the PF government. There is no leadership in this country. Mr. Sata lied to us that he would give us the constitution, he has refused to give us the constitution, and don’t worry the people of Zambia, you will have the constitution,” he said.

Among the people who spoke at the rally were former deputy speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango who challenged the Speaker of the National Assembly to read back the parliamentary booklet on how the speaker should conduct himself.

Mrs. Nalumango also denounced the selective use of the Public Order Act by the Police, saying that Zambia would not go back into a one party state.

Bernard Mpundu who is a former diplomat told the people that Mr. Hichilema was not tribal and that the UPND was a national party with all the tribes.

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  1. Zambia needs u H H…God has chosen u to lead Zambia…acknowledge Him as the Supreme Ruler and be faithful to God from start to the end…

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