I was not expelled-Siwila

Former Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka district vice secretary Benjamin Siwila has vowed to ignore his expulsion letter from secretary general Wynter Kabimba because President Michael Sata has not ordered his removal from the ruling party.

Mr Siwila has charged that Mr Kabimba’s decision to expel him from the ruling party was as a result of what he termed as a figment of imagination on the President Sata had ordered his (Siwila) expulsion and PF Lusaka town centre branch chairman Julius Komaki.

Mr Siwila said he attended the meeting at which President Sata ordered the expulsion of Mr Komaki but stated that at no time did President Sata mention his name in his instructions.

He said Mr Kabimba had exposed his hatred towards party cadres who were demanding for his dismissal and expulsion from the party by using the President’s order to target members and who were opposed to his style of leadership.

Mr Siwila who was erroneously expelled along with Mr Komaki for confronting and challenging President Sata on whether he had anointed Mr Kabimba as his successor explained that the secretary general was abusing his authority by expelling ordinary members of the ruling party.

He said he was aware that Mr Kabimba together with his cartel had embarked on a malicious campaign to discredit and purge party officials deemed to be against their ambitions to take the leadership of the ruling party.

He said it was not surprising that the Mr Kabimba who is Justice Minister was targeting Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Road Development Agency (RDA) chairman Willie Nsanda and Zambia Railways Limited board chairman Davis Chama.

Mr Siwila said it was not true that the trio was behind the demonstrations against Mr Kabimba and that the three had been targeted because of their desire and determination to protect the ruling party from some power hungry politicians.

“Let it be known that I attended that meeting which was called by President Sata after Mr Kabimba went to complain about our demand for him to vacate the office of the secretary general. Mr Kabimba brought with him his supporters that included Guy Scott and Inonge Wina. And we discussed many important things with the President and at no time did he order Mr Kabimba to expel me. Of course he did ask Mr Kabimba to write a letter to Mr Komaki but he never mentioned my name. My expulsion is nothing but a figment of Mr Kabimba’s imaginations and I will ignore his letter,” Mr Siwila said.

He said it was shameful that Mr Kabimba could stoop so low and find time to write expulsion letters to ordinary members of the party adding that had the President ordered his expulsion, he was never going to respond.

Mr Siwila vowed to remain an ardent supporter of President Sata and that he would continue championing the President’s vision for the country.

He said nothing would stop him from criticising Mr Kabimba because the Justice Minister had divided the party by his divisive style of leadership and organisation of the party.

Mr Siwila said the youth in the PF would continue to be the eyes of President Sata because there were many people that had surrounded the Head of State who were misleading him on many national issues.

And Mr Siwila has said it was unfortunate that Vice-President Guy Scott, Geoffrey Chumbwe and Kennedy Kamba were celebrating the expulsion of Mr Komaki who was representing the views of the majority of the PF members.

Mr Siwila said it was unacceptable for Dr Scott to impute that the people being expelled were violent when the truth was that Mr Komaki was a survivor of a barbaric and savage attack by the people scheming to hijack the PF leadership.

“Dr Scott should realise that he cannot fool all the people all the time. The youths he is demonising are the ones who have made him the Vice-President. We are king makers and now that they are in power; they have become selfish and do not want to share the national cake. Time will catch up with them and we shall have our last laugh even in our suffering,” Mr Siwila said.

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  1. Kabimba is just trying to do what Sata did as MMD Secretary General then when he hounded pipo out of MMD like late BY,the ones he thought were a hinderance to his plan to suceeding the late FTJ as president.

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