Justice Chibesakunda can’t act perpetually- Changala

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has expressed sadness over President Michael Sata’s insistence that Justice Lombe Chibesakunda continues to act as Chief Justice.

Mr Changala said the President should know that people had nothing personal against Justice Chibesakunda but she did not qualify to perpetually act as chief justice.

President Sata has reappointed Justice Chibesakunda as acting Chief Justice after her contract ended last month.

This decision has riled some judges who have described the President’s action as a scandal.

Mr Changala said the acting chief justice had failed to garner parliamentary support which she needed for her to operate independently as Chief Justice.

“What Mr Sata has done is to embarrass her further and perpetuate the controversy thereby bringing the entire judiciary into ridicule. There are a lot of senior lawyers at the bar who qualify to take over from her needless to say that we now have got a lot of state counsels roaming the streets with nothing to do.

“Why is he insisting on madam Chibesakunda, she definitely needs to rest and has made her legal contributions to the profession and country.

“It is now time for fresh ideas and reform in this 21st century and if Mr Sata needs her so much he must send her into the diplomatic service like he has done to Solomon Mbuzi (Zambia’s envoy to RUSSIA),” Changala said.