Chinsali PF defends Komaki, Siwila

The Patriotic Front (PF) in Chinsali has come to the defence of Julius Komaki and his counterpart Benja Siwila who have purportedly been expelled from the ruling party and has warned Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba against using the name of President Michael Sata to purge perceived enemies from the party.

And the ruling party in Mandevu constituency has charged that it was politically wrong for Mr Kabimba to expel Mr Komaki who was a branch official stating that the PF secretary general should have delegated lower organs of the party to commence disciplinary action against Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila.

Evelyn Kangwa, a PF official from Chinsali has told the Daily Nation that a revolution to have Mr Kabimba leave the ruling party had started and that it would not end until the Justice Minister was effectively dealt with because he had made the ruling party extremely unpopular.

Ms Kangwa said the expulsion of Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila was unacceptable because the two youth leaders were representing the views of the majority members of the party who felt that the PF secretary general had exhibited a lot of hatred towards several well-meaning and ardent supporters of the ruling party.

Ms Kangwa has also chastised Lusaka Province PF chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe and his friend Kennedy Kamba who have been celebrating the expulsion of Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila for petitioning President Sata to dismiss Mr Kabimba as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF.

She has stated that Mr Chumbwe and Mr Kamba had declared themselves enemies of the youths by propagating hatred against Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila whom she said were victims of the machinations to get rid of members who were against Mr Kabimba’s ambitions.

Ms Kangwa said the youths across the country have been wondering why Mr Kabimba had coined for himself the slogan Aleisa aleisa when the ruling party was supposed to be propping up the image of President Sata with his developmental vision he had for the country.

“Mr Kabimba and his friends, Chumbwe, Kamba and others must know that a revolution against them has started and it will not end until the objective has been achieved. We are sad that it had to take the entire secretary general of the party to expel a branch official and a cadre when he could have left such a process to the lower organs. Mr Kabimba coined himself a slogan Aleisa aleisa and we have been wondering whom he has been marketing in his slogan. Let Mr Chumbwe and Mr Kamba know that they have been banished from ever visiting Muchinga Province because they will be delt with,’ Ms Kangwa said.

She said the violence that rocked the ruling party at the height of the revolts against Mr Kabimba which left one cadre dead with Mr Komaki savagely hacked was being perpetrated by known people in the party some of whom were appearing before the courts of laws.

And Mandevu PF ward 21 youth and publicty vice secretary Teddy Mwaba the youths were deeply concerned with the manner Mr Kabimba was discharging his functions as party secretary general.

Mr Mwaba said President Sata as head of the ruling party could not reduce his powers to a point of expelling branch officials and ordinary members from the party.

In a walk-in interview, Mr Mwaba said if it was true that President Sata had instructed Mr Kabimba to expel Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila, the procedure was that the secretary general should have instructed lower organs of the party to start the process of disciplinary action against the duo.

Mr Mwaba said it was immoral for the secretary general to have personally taken the responsibility of expelling junior officers from the party.

“Our secretary general is not giving us any direction of how the party is moving. How can the entire secretary general expel a branch official/ If he had instructions from the President, the basic administrative principles advise that he should have directed the lower organs to beging the process of disciplinary action against Mr Komaki and Mr Siwila. As it is now, we shall not surprised if a junior official will one day will announce the expulsion of Mr Kabimba because anyone can do anything so it seems,” Mr Mwaba said.

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