Leaks worry State House officials

The continuous leakages of confidential and classified information from State House is causing worries to the presidential staff and the officials have appealed to President Sata to seriously scrutinise his staff and aides because some of them were working against him.

The officials have also accused some cabinet ministers of having completely ignored the ministerial code of conduct and were leaking confidential conversations and classified information to what they termed friendly media houses.

The State House officials who are civil servants said it was worrying that presidential aides who had taken the oath of secrecy and allegiance to President Sata under the Security Act were allegedly allowing confidential information to be leaked to the general public and some selected media houses.

The sources told the Daily Nation that President Sata was surrounded by people who were not loyal to the presidency and the system.

The sources have observed that it was a mistake for President Sata to have abolished critical presidential advisory positions such as legal, economic and political as well as presidential affairs minister, which positions were important to the management of the presidency.

They said President Sata had suffered a lot of ridicule and odium because the people managing the presidency had little or no knowledge of how best to handle the Head of State.

The officials said President Sata should not be complaining to his staff about leaked information because the people he was working with were the same people who were leaking his confidential information to the public and their friendly media houses.

“President Sata is not safe with the people surrounding him because some of them have their own masters somewhere else and whatever happens at State House, the information quickly leaves State House and is either in the press or the general public. As civil servants, we believe that there are some ministers close to the President who are leaking secrets to some media houses. These are the people who have taken the oath of secrecy but the President has certainly been let down,” one of the officials said.

The officials also said President Sata had been advised to consider re-establishing the advisory positions and look for seasoned civil servants and technocrats that would adequately manage the presidency to avoid exposing the Head of State to unwarranted ridicule.

They said it was important for Mr Sata to redesign the presidency by recruiting competent individuals that would protect the integrity of the office of the President unlike what was currently happening.

The officials said President Sata should ensure that sensitive files were handled by people who were loyal to the governance system.