Oasis fires a salvo at govt

It is completely irrational for government to continue giving different  explanations as to why Zambians cannot have the new constitution now, says Oasis chairperson Reverend Suzanne Matale.

Rev Matale challenged government to release the document now so that Zambians were given a chance to study it and ensure their demands were not omitted.

“It has become crystal clear from the pronouncements being made by the various government representatives that they are not in a hurry to deal with the constitution matter and this is totally unacceptable,” she said.

Rev Matale said the refusal by the ruling PF government to stand by its own promises spokefor itself about what type of leaders Zambians put in government.

She said that the Zambians could not buy to an excuse of funding of the constitution because money could be mobilised for the important exercise, which ranks top on the development agenda of the nation.

“The Patriotic Front government made a commitment to the Zambian people that they would make the enactment of a new people driven constitution a priority. As Oasis Forum, we believe that the Zambian people have been patient enough and this patience is waning thin, they cannot wait any longer,” she said.

Rev Matale said that a leadership that did not respect and stand by its own promises could not be expected to respect the people who put them in power and that such was  a tragedy for a nation which would soon be celebrating its Golden Jubilee.

She reminded government not to forget that there could be no good government without the people’s participation, freedom of speech, assembly, association and provision of food for the citizens.

Rev Matale said that a number of African countries have moved on with enacting good constitutions and were now enhancing and maturing their democracies, when Zambia, was still lagging behind and in some instances retrogressing.