Friday honking for constitution continues

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a people driven constitution has resolved to continue the honking in its demand for the immediate release of the final draft constitution by government.

Grand Coalition Spokesperson Mac Donald Chipenzi said the Friday honking on the demand for a people driven constitution continues today from 5PM to 6PM in Lusaka and other major towns.

Mr. Chipenzi said that the Grand Coalition on the campaign for a people driven constitution was urging all Zambians including political parties, taxi and minibus drivers, managers, presidents, parliamentarians, business executives to join in the honking to demand for the new constitution in their respective location.

“Members of the Grand Coalition will spread themselves in all major roads in Lusaka on Friday to ignite the process and ensure that Zambians join in the honking in numbers. People in the townships should use their vuvuzelas, whistles, drums, etc during this one hour to demand the immediate release of the final draft constitution,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi instructed all the Grand Coalition member organisations in the provinces and districts to join the honking in pressing government to immediately release the final draft constitution.

He said that leaders should not be allowed take a casual approach to constitution making after spending huge tax payers’ money close to K115m on the process that has since collapsed.

Mr Chipenzi explained that an extra K44.2m in the estimates of expenditure in this year’s national budget had been spent for the preparatory works for the enactment of the new constitution.

The Grand Coalition recently launched honking in Lusaka as a strategy to demand for the immediate release of the final draft constitution and speedy enactment of the new people driven constitution.

And the 16 opposition political parties spokesperson Jevan Kamanga charged that Mr Kabimba’s statement suggesting that he would send the contentious issues to the public before enacting the Zambian Constitution was misleading and misplaced.

“We do not expect a man with a legal mind to mislead the people of Zambia with outdated statements. When delegates attended the district, provincial, sector Group and national conventions, indeed there were contentious issues. But after the debates and the voting that took place in these sittings, the people of Zambia agreed on how the Supreme Law of the land should be, how they wanted to be governed and what rights they needed to enjoy,” Rev Kamanga said.