Did Kenyans tamper with 2011 elections?

Revelations and confessions by Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba that he smuggled into Zambia some Kenyan nationals during the 2011 general elections to participate in the country’s electoral process has rendered the outcome of the elections illegitimate,” People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has observed.

During his party mobilization tour of Eastern Province last week, Mr Kabimba was quoted as saying that he smuggled through Nakonde border some Kenyans who came to conduct parallel voter tabulation (PVT).

Mr Mulongoti has charged that Mr Kabimba’s confession had put the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on the spot on the legitimacy and credibility of their declaration of the results that saw the PF emerge victorious.

In a mystery of circumstances, the ECZ website was hacked during  the counting of votes in 2011 which forced the commission to stop displaying the results.

He said Mr Kabimba’s smuggling of some Kenyans into the country to illegally participate in the electoral process was an offence.

Mr Mulngoti called on the law enforcement agencies to commence investigations because the revelations had cast serious doubts on the credibility of the victory of the PF.

He said while many Zambians were looking for change in 2011, it was shocking that Mr Kabimba had used an illegality to influence the outcome of the results of the last general elections.

Mr Mulongoti said Mr Kabimba had voluntarily come out in the open to confess that he willingly committed an offence and that it was only prudent that the matter be investigated to establish the assignment the Kenyans had in Zambia’s electoral process in 2011.

He explained that Zambia’s electoral process was governed by the Constitution, the Electoral Act and other legislations that were amended from time to time and that the participants in the country’s electoral process were expected to be registered and recognised by the electoral body.

“The revelations by Mr Kabimba that he smuggled Kenyans into the country during the 2011 tripartite elections to illegally participate in the country’s electoral process has rendered the outcome of the elections illegitimate. What Mr Kabimba is telling us is that the results of the 2011 general elections were dictated by foreign forces…by those Kenyans who were smuggled in the country by the Justice Minister. What was a crime in the previous regime is still a crime unless the law has been repealed. Mr Kabimba’s action border on criminality and my appeal is that relevant investigative organs must immediately take up this matter because we now doubt the credibility of the results of the 2011 general elections, Mr Mulongoti said. Mr Mulongoti said ECZ should be compelled to explain if the Kenyans who participated in the country’s electoral process in 2011 were recognized and registered by the commission adding that the rules governing the electoral process dictated that observers and journalists were accredited by the commission to participate in the process.He said Zambians were now questioning the authenticity and legitimacy of the results stating that if Mr Kabimba feared that he would have been arrested had the MMD won the elections because the illegality he committed, he should know that the crime was fresh and recent to warrant his (Kabimba) prosecution.

“From Mr Kabimba’s conduct, it is not surprising that he is comfortable with the current defective constitution. Apart from this, it is now making sense why President Michael Sata honoured Mr Kabimba because Zambians did not know why the Justice Minister deserved such an honour. It is also now not surprising that nothing has been done despite calls to have Mr Kabimba fired as Justice Minister as well as removed from the office of secretary general. What we did not know was that there were things deeper than we could understand and that could be the reason Mr Kabimba has remained untouchable and the most powerful in the PF,’ Mr Mulongoti said.The People’s Party said Mr Kabimba was exhibiting the highest levels of arrogance towards citizens and other senior members of the ruling party without any form of restraint or reprimand from President Sata.“Just look at Mr Kabimba’s conduct. Would anyone wonder why he treated Lameck Mangani like he was his garden boy? The Anti-Corruption Commission started investigations against Mr Kabimba on corruption allegations and quickly dropped them. We now understand why he is untouchable,” Mr Mulongoti said.

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  1. Please Ba Sata fire this thug. We are tired of the this name every day. How do start insulting the crocodile while in water. Where is the law enforcement agencies.

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